People love their cars, relying on them more than just about any other tool. They strive to keep their vehicles clean and in top condition. However, if you want your car to perform optimally, you need more than aesthetics. You require safety.

In 2020, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) determined that 873,080 auto theft cases occurred. Car theft may not be the most common crime in America, but it does happen. Car alarm systems are utterly essential to avoid this.

However, not all car alarms are made equal. Different systems have varying benefits. To help you navigate this field, we’ll outline some of the critical differences in this article. Read on to learn more!

Active and Passive Car Alarm Systems

While several different car alarm systems exist, there are two primary categories by which to sort them. These categories are active and passive.

Active car alarms require you to press a transmitter button to arm and disarm the alarm. If you neglect to do so, you can’t activate or deactivate the system.

Passive car alarms, however, will automatically activate. The moment you turn off the ignition and shut the doors, your passive system engages. If the alarm sounds, you can disarm it by pressing the unlock button.

Audible Car Alarm Systems

The most widely-known car alarm systems are audible car alarms. Usually, these systems include sensors in several points on the car. If somebody triggers these sensors, it activates a blistering siren. The car’s horn sounds off, and its lights blink to attract other people’s attention.

This alarm won’t turn off until the owner deactivates it. While this system has its advantages, it has drawbacks, too. If the alarm sounds accidental, it can become annoying to people around it. However, you can minimize this risk to prevent a false alarm.

Silent Car Alarms

Silent car alarms avoid waking up the neighborhood or annoying parking lot pedestrians. Instead of blaring noise, it sends a signal to an electronic device in the owner’s possession.

This device could be an app on their phone or a separate device, such as a key fob. As soon as you hear that sound, you can call the police and inform them of the attempted break-in.

The downside to this car alarm is that it won’t notify any passersby or police of the attempted break-in. If you’re interested in silent car alarms, visit Top Line Tints & Audio for their installation services.

Find the Best Car Alarm System for You

The benefits of car alarm systems are numerous. Whether they are audible or silent, passive or active, car alarms provide you extra security. You can have more peace of mind about the safety of your vehicle.

If you’re wondering what the best car alarm system is, the answer is that it’s up to your preference. Each system type has drawbacks, so you have to decide what benefits you prefer. Once you do, find a company that will install it for you.

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