Jobs you can embrace with a nursing degree

Nursing specialists are highly sought for in Singapore. Whether it’s child care, elderly care or hospital, you can choose to work in a variety of settings after gaining a nursing degree. Nursing is a noble and respected vocation that provides many options for career growth. Here are 5 jobs a diploma in this area allows you to embrace.

1. Adult nurse

Adult nursing is a hospital job where you are tasked with supporting the recovery of patients suffering from different diseases. You may have to deal with different degrees of severeness; from minor injuries to chronic illnesses. You have to ensure the patient recovers properly, report changes in their condition, monitor general health parameters and carry out required procedures. You may also need to come with a kind word of support for patients who are overwhelmed by pain, fear and panic.

2. Children’s nurse

If you love interacting with children, you can choose a pediatric nurse job. You have to help kids recover from various diseases, monitor and report on their condition, administer medicines and do tests. The ability to communicate with children is highly important for this kind of job. You have to keep permanent contact with the kid, ask them how they feel, empathize with their grief. You got to be a good psychologist and a good friend, encouraging the little patients and motivating them to never give up.

3. Health visitor

People with a nursing degree may also work as health visitors. These specialists have the role of helping parents support their preschool child’s proper development. You have to offer them guidance related to sleeping, eating, safety, immunization, emotional health and child-parent communication. You will also have to interact with the child, assessing their psychological state and level of development, after which you’ll create a plan to foster progress in areas they perform worse than expected for their age. Furthermore, health visitors may deal with issues that touch upon pregnancy, such as: labour and postnatal depression. They may also be involved in working with domestic violence and disabled kids.

4. Paramedic

As a paramedic, you will have to respond to the people’s emergency calls. You are the person that heads to the patient’s home to offer them first aid. Paramedics deal with a full spectrum of conditions; from insignificant injuries and stress to severe diseases that require the involvement of specific doctors and, as such, the transportation to a healthcare facility. It happens quite often that the paramedic treats the ailment on the spot by administering pills or giving injections. However, in case the disease is life-threatening, the patient is taken to the hospital and given further treatment.

5. Counsellor

Nursing is not necessarily about hospitals and disease. The nursing degree allows you to embrace a career of a counsellor that helps people overcome life problems. These include divorce, job loss, domestic violence, anxiety, bereavement and other issues. You will have a role in supporting clients in hard times of their life, encouraging them to speak about their problem, empathize with them, help them rethink their beliefs and inspire possible ways out.

6.Labor and Delivery Nurse

Working as a nurse in labor and delivery is certainly having one of the most vital positions in the medical system. By gaining experience as a Registered Nurse and then specializing in L&D, you can pursue this fulfilling career path and also have one of the most demanding positions in nursing careers all over the world. Labour and delivery nurses should be especially good at communication and understanding the parent’s psychological and medical needs as they are the main caregivers of the mother and infant throughout labor, birth, and immediate postpartum phase.

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