Imagine having your vacation ruined by a rental bike that suddenly malfunctions due to technical issues – that’s a nightmare! However, there’s no need to fret if you’ve done a thorough check on the scooter or motorcycle before renting it. This precaution becomes even more critical during peak seasons, like vacations when rental shops are swamped and may not pay close attention to every vehicle’s condition.

Inspecting the bike’s technical stability is as crucial as verifying the required documents to ensure a trouble-free journey.

Why is it so important to inspect the bike before renting it? Well, there are several reasons that make it an absolute necessity.

1. Safety: Nothing poses a greater risk than a bike with worn-out brakes. It not only increases the chances of accidents but could also lead to legal troubles if an unfortunate incident occurs. Checking the scooter or bike before renting ensures a safe and smooth ride.

2. Time: There’s nothing worse than your rental bike breaking down in the middle of your journey, wasting precious hours and causing frustration. Verifying the vehicle’s condition beforehand can save you time and mental anguish.

3. Money: If you encounter any issues with the bike’s functioning during your journey, the rental company won’t take responsibility. In fact, they might blame you for the problems, leaving you responsible for any repairs or compensation, resulting in extra expenses.

Now, let’s talk about the documents you need to rent a scooter or motorbike in Phuket.

Passport: You must have your passport or a copy of it to rent a vehicle in Phuket. Be cautious not to leave your passport with the rental company to avoid potential scams where they accuse you of damaging the vehicle and withhold your passport until you pay a fine.

Driving License or Permit: It’s recommended to have your driving license from your home country, along with an international driving license or Thai one when renting a motorbike in Phuket. However, some places might allow you to rent without a license, but it’s at your own risk.

Personal Travel Insurance: While not always mandatory, having personal travel insurance that covers riding a motorbike or scooter is highly advisable. With insurance in place, you can travel without worrying about compensation in case of damage. Without insurance, you’d have to pay for any damages out of your pocket if the bike isn’t insured by the rental company. Premium companies now offer comprehensive travel insurance as part of their motorbike rental packages in Phuket.

Now, once you’ve rented the bike, here are the documents you should obtain from the rental company to ensure a hassle-free journey:

1. Rental Agreement: Make sure to read and verify the terms of the rental contract before signing it.

2. Insurance Sticker: Ensure that the rental bike has an insurance sticker from the transport office, which serves as proof that tax and compulsory insurance have been paid.

3. Copy of the Green Book: This refers to the registration book and should include the page with the last paid tax and the page with registration data.

4. Receipts: Obtain copies of receipts to confirm that the rental company has paid the compulsory insurance and any other insurance plans, if applicable.

Missing any of these documents in Phuket can result in traffic offenses and financial penalties.

Now, let’s go through a checklist of what you should inspect on a scooter or motorbike before renting it:

General Look:

• Check for scratches, broken, or bent plastic parts on the bike’s structure.

• If you notice any issues, take photos and videos to document the condition before renting.


• Test ride the bike to check the functioning of both front and rear brakes.

• Ensure the brakes are neither too soft nor too tight, providing a comfortable braking experience.


• Check if the engine starts easily and quickly, without excessive delay.

• Listen to the engine’s sound for regular humming and smooth throttle response.

• Ensure the engine accelerates smoothly without jerks or metallic sounds.


• Check tire pressure by palpating the tires with your fingers.

• Examine the tire treads using a coin to ensure they are not bald or worn down.

• Look for cracks, cuts, and foreign objects in the tires, avoiding bikes with such signs.

• Avoid bikes with bulging tires.


• Verify that all lights, including low beam, high beam, turning indicators, stop, and rear lights, are in working condition.

• If there are any light issues, request the rental company to address them.


• Ensure the bike’s horn is prominent, loud, and easily recognizable.

• Use the horn only when necessary to avoid inconveniencing others.

Straight Frame:

• Check if the bike’s frame is straight to ensure stability during your journey.

• Avoid bikes that lean to one side or exhibit signs of uneven fitting or protruding parts.

Suspension and Handlebar:

• Check the suspension by sitting on the bike and thrusting your weight back and down; avoid bikes that dip too quickly.

• Inspect the front fork seals for any suspension or handlebar issues.

• Ensure the handlebar is intact and doesn’t lock in an abnormal position.

Additionally, perform these checks before renting:


• Observe the clutch lever’s firmness and ease of operation.

• Ensure the clutch doesn’t produce metallic sounds when pressed.

• Verify that the clutch doesn’t slip or pull the bike strongly when fully engaged.

Chain and Sprockets:

• Check if the chain is properly tensioned, moving about two fingers width up and down from the midpoint.

• Ensure the sprockets securely hold the chain and have no pointed or bent teeth.

• Verify that the chain is clean and well-lubricated to avoid friction and wear.

In conclusion, taking these precautions and checks before to rent motorbike Phuket is essential for a safe and enjoyable journey. Keep all necessary documents with you, inspect the bike thoroughly, and don’t hesitate to ask for a different bike if you’re not comfortable with the one initially offered. Your safety, time, and money are top priorities, so choose a well-serviced bike and ensure a stress-free vacation. If you’re interested, feel free to explore our offers for well-maintained bikes that prioritize your safety and peace of mind during your vacation!

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