Know-How to Measure Carpet Pile Height

A good result in the installation of a wall-to-wall carpet or a floor covering is subordinate to the correct calculation of how much carpet we need to cover the surface. It does not just measure lengths and widths. You have to know how to measure carpet pile height, how to order the required quantity, and know those critical points that can make the calculation fail.

Identify the shape of the room and calculate

The calculation that must be done is to measure the length and width of the room. If we multiply these two measurements, we will obtain their m2. Ultimately, that figure determines the total area to be carpeted.

  • Room on a regular basis:

Rectangular or square space. Just multiply the width by the length.

  • Composite shape room:

Space is made up of more than one rectangular figure. In this case, it is advisable to decompose the surface to identify simple figures. In this way, we can calculate the area of ​​each of them and then add them.

  • Room composed of diagonals:

Space made up of more than one simple figure and containing diagonals.

The room has a diagonal wall. So, to calculate its surface, it is best to decompose the figure into a rectangle larger than 2 x 4 m and the triangle that remains to be completed to form another rectangle. In this way, a larger rectangle is obtained, and this new smaller rectangle of 1 x 2 m

Including the backing, it is called the total carpet weight. You will find that this type of carpet is easier to evacuate because it is softer than low pile carpets and less dirty than high pile carpets.

Here’s how to calculate the density with the APYD formula: (36 x pile weight (ounces)) ÷ pile height (inch) = carpet density (ounces / cubic yard). The high face value does not necessarily mean good quality. The stairs move a lot, and the feet always land in the same place, so keep the mountain height at 1/2 inch here.

Carpet density is the weight of the pile yarn corrected by the height of the yarn. Length is measured with a small ruler or measuring device that extends from the top of the backrest to the top of the pile. These values ​​are related to the most commonly used density calculations.

Average pile yarn density (APYD) formula.

Formula: Front weight x 36 ÷ Pile height = Pile density (example)

Measure the length of the lug by extending the tape measure along the long side of the lug (for square or rectangular lugs).

The height of the pile is the length of the carpet fiber from the tip of the edge to the back of the carpet. Measuring a medium landing As with a normal landing area, you need to measure a medium landing.

What is the height of the pile? Why is it important?

Pile Height-This is the length of the carpet fiber in inches. The rug can be rolled up with a thin pile construction known to maintain its appearance, or loops of various heights can be used to form a textured pile. Some short mountain rugs may feel rough with bare feet. This does not fit well in areas such as bedrooms and living rooms where you need a comfortable feel.

Measure the width and length of this area. Then multiply the measurements (including the height and width of the top step) to calculate the amount of carpet required. Longer fibers can help dampen the sound and provide a soft landing if your child falls.

The medium pile rug is located between the low pile and the high pile and offers a balanced option. Repeat the same for the other two walls in opposite directions. This rug is less attractive and may not appear as soft as a style with longer fibers.

If you want to know the cost of a new carpet, it’s helpful to have a room measurement when you go shopping.

Checking the height and density of the carpet pile is important in determining the quality of the carpet. The pile is a soft surface that rises from the backrest. The height of the carpet pile is the height of the carpet fibers. If you or a friend knows a great carpet installer, use that person instead of the person provided by your carpet dealer.

However, it is often more difficult to evacuate, and long fibers can get stuck in the vacuum. However, if you get caught in furniture, pulling it out or stretching the carpet for a long time will cause noticeable stains on the floor. In the above formula, we need to express the height of the pile.

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