Kraft Boxes: What Makes them Credible in the Market?

What are Kraft Boxes?

Many companies pack their products in brown, sturdy paper boxes. These boxes are called Kraft containers because they are made of Kraft paper which is manufactured from high-quality pine materials. Kraft paper can be recycled which makes these boxes very environmentally friendly. There are more than 5 types of Kraft-boxes designs that you can choose for your product.

1. Sliding Drawer / Tray and Sleeve Style Kraft Cases

Ever seen a box of matchsticks? That is exactly what sliding-drawer boxes look like. They are convenient and easy to deal with and they are often used for products that are light-weighted and high in quantity for example; matchsticks, cigarettes, candies, etc.

2. Counter Display

These boxes are usually used at shop counters that most likely contain chewing gum, chocolate, or perhaps petit products for daily use.

3. Jewelry Packaging

Kraft containers are perfect for packaging solution handmade bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry because they are cute and look good on a dresser or perhaps in a woman’s drawer. Who’d throw them away?

4. Food Packaging

Chinese takeout? Pastries? These boxes are pretty great for any kind of food! Their sturdiness and safe material keep the food secure and safe to eat – safer than any plastic box! They also look very stylish and classy in terms of design and packaging.

5. Shoe Boxes

Yes! You read it right. Kraft containers are also used for packing any kind of shoes. They have a great demand for shoe brands as well as shirt packaging for clothing varieties. They keep the products safe and are ideal for small-distance deliveries.

6. Gift Boxes Packaging

Want to give gifts for any occasions or events like anniversaries, birthdays, and several other personal and cooperate parties? No worries! Kraft cases serve as cheap, reliable, and beautiful covers for the presence you want to give to your loved ones or co-workers. They can come in hundreds of different shapes, sizes, and colors. And if you can’t decide the color, their brown color is very gender neutral and retro.

7. Mailer Kraft Containers Type Packaging

As the name suggests, these boxes can be sent to your relatives, friends, or acquaintances whether far away or in a very short distance. It is, however, recommended for everyone to seal their boxes to keep the material inside safe and private.

8. Rigid Kraft Cases Type Packaging

These are the simplest ones you will find. They are suitable for any kind of product and very easily customized. Because of their plain look and variety of sizes, they can be used anywhere for any occasion at all! The boxes are usually separate with a lid and a base made of sturdy Kraft paper and they are often reused and stored in houses by many people. This makes them extra environment friendly and useful.

What Makes Kraft Containers So Perfect?

The answer is Everything! Everything about Kraft cases is perfect including their material.  Kraft containers are made of Kraft paper that is made of high-quality pine that is proved to be strong and sturdy enough. This kind of material is recyclable, reusable, and decomposable. Apart from that, they have a long shelf-life. These boxes can be kept for a long time in homes and stores and can be used for other purposes. They can be of many different sizes, you name it! Their variety in size makes them convenient for any kind of product whether big, small, or somewhere in between.

Kraft cases can come in a whole set of custom colors that you can choose for your design. If not any color, their simplistic brown adds to the beauty and gender neutrality. This kind of plain look is great for any event at all. When it comes to design, Kraft boxes thespeedypack also have a lot of shapes and types with different openings and lids whether attached or detached. If you want to show off your amazing product, you can also get a box that contains a window! There are limitless options for design.

These boxes are also very secure and safe for products. They can prevent breakage and damage to a certain limit and can protect the material kept inside, away from the negative effects of the external environment.

What Can These Boxes Be Used for?

Anything! They are often used by food companies, bakeries, mail companies, gifts, dresses, shoes, accessories, skincare, decoration, and much more. These boxes can be used for material that does not have to travel long distances because it might not keep it protected under the intense pressure of baggage. Very heavy and chemical substances should be avoided.

These boxes are often used for dry to slightly moist, light to slightly heavy things that do not destroy their structure. Clothes, soaps, food, accessories are the best things to keep in a Kraft box. To get more information, take a look around a store. You will find many products packed in these useful boxes.

Final Words

Kraft containers have a huge variety (in terms of size, shape, style, printing, etc.) available in today’s market. The demand for this kind of packaging has been increased in a large number of manufacturing industries due to its ability to grab the attention of potential buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do these boxes attract customers?

Answer: Yes, they do! Kraft boxes attract many customers who care about the environment and love proper packaging. These boxes are often cheap and within the budget which is why your customers are likely to buy your products.

Question: Are these boxes good for any kind of product?

Answer: Because every product has a different chemical composition and physical properties, it depends. Material that does not react with wood and is not too heavy is very safe to keep in.

Question: What is their shelf life?

Answer: The shelf life is shorter when compared to plastic, metal, or glass packaging but the specialty of these boxes is that they are often used for single use only.

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