These days, kratom products are gaining more popularity due to their benefits and popularity among people. Moreover, it is also very important to consider buying these products from the vendor who excels in selling such products besides that, it has become quite difficult for people to find the right vendor. This article is supposed to help the customers to choose the right vendor when it comes to buying kratom products. Aside from that, if you buy kratom products from dragon herbarium then you should also look below the factors to choose this vendor. This Kratom blog will help you buy the best kratom products from this vendor.

About dragon herbarium

Dragon herbarium is in operation for selling kratom products for 48 years. Bob Keith is the owner of the company and they believe in providing the best kratom products to their customers at reasonable rates. The company became popular soon after it originated and provided excellent quality kratom products that are also unique and different from other vendors. There are several options that the customers can choose from such as essential oils, teas, and bulk quantity herbs to their online customers and their local community of Portland. There have been several customer reviews conducted in which the customers seemed to be satisfied with the products offered by this brand which is a win-win situation for the brand. 

Products offered by dragon herbarium

The reason for being so popular among the customers is that this brand has a variety for their customers. Customers have got a number of options to choose from. Everything is available such as teas, roots, candles, etc. Some of the most favorites and popular products offered by this brand are as under:

  • Amethyst Tumbles
  • Ametrine Raw
  • Amethyst resin, Premium
  • Amethyst Sphere Marble
  • Amazonite tumbles
  • Amber resin, honey

Price range

There is a diversified range of products available for the customers. Hence the prices for each product are different. Apart from that, the prices of every product are surely low and affordable. Interestingly, a customer can get any product for as low as $1. Isn’t that outstanding?

Shipment and return policy

Business days are occupied for the shipment of the kratom products. Meaning, people can get their orders from Monday to Friday.

 It is also sure that the shipment of their products is not that cheap as the order approximately takes around 2-3 days for the shipment which may be quite annoying for the customers at times.

When the products are shipped, the customers get a tracking number that makes their order confirmed by the vendor. Also, this tracking number can be utilized by the customer anytime to track their order.

Apart from that, there are many cases reported about customers not receiving their tracking numbers which creates inconvenience for the customers. Even more, the customers can get the issues resolved by contacting the vendors.

Customer care service

The customer care service provided to the customers is extraordinary. Moreover, customer support is the most crucial factor to consider before making a buying decision. Some people also change their minds if they perceive a particular brand is not up to the mark when it comes to customer support post-purchase.

When it comes to online kratom vendors, dragon herbarium is considered extremely efficient and provides the best services.


After reading the entire kratom blog, customers might be wondering if dragon herbarium is actually the right product to buy? There are some pitfalls associated with the brand such as insufficient shipment of the products. However, they have a wide range of kratom products that you can choose from their website. 


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