Learn how to identify plants using artificial intelligence

We no longer have to speculate about what type of tree we bought at Wal-Mart’s discount shelf

Apps such as PlantSnap use artificial intelligence to identify more than 316,000 different types of plants. Over $145,000 was raised on Kickstarter and Wefunder for the app’s creation.

Photographs of plants’ leaves or flowers are taken with PlantSnap. After comparison of the plant to other flora in the app’s database, the app uses its own proprietary artificial intelligence.

The more people use PlantSnap for identification, the more it becomes intelligent. The are several plant identifiers online that helps users to quickly identify plant, flower or tree within few seconds by using the AI & deep learning algorithms.

identify plants

Once you are there, you are presented with a picture-taking screen that displays the following options: ‘My Collection,’ ‘Explore,’ ‘Snap,’ ‘User,’ and ‘More.

Users upload their own images or take pictures of plants to identify them. Here’s when PlantSnap’s magic happens; the application will present the user with a few choices about what it believes the plant to be and a percentage of its accuracy. PlantSnap offers some pretty accurate results when you practice taking good close-up photos.

As soon as the user approves that the picture matches the PlantSnaps database, adding the plant to your collection is as easy as tapping a button. A few options are available if the plant is incorrectly matched, including suggesting a name for the plant to add to PlantSnap’s database or sending the picture to a human for identification.

human for identification

There were a few photos I took that didn’t get matched, but I got a plant identification in 15 minutes by sending the pictures to a PlantSnap botanist. The explore tab, which is a simple search function that lets users search PlantSnap’s plant database.

The user is presented with a brief description of a plant and some other information about it when they click on a plant or when they go to the information screen of a plant in their collection.


Overall, the app is quite good for recognizing plants with good accuracy. There are several other apps such as pl@ntNet, What is the plant, PictureThis etc. that you should try if you’re getting results with PlantSnap.

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