Shooting Dice, also known as Street Craps or Street Dice, is one of the most played games in many casinos, making it one of the best and known titles in the industry. It is mainly praised for its quick and easy gameplay and also a lot of winning prizes.

Even though it is similar to craps and it is easier to learn, a lot of bettors wonder how Shooting Dice is played by pros. Winning in this game takes a lot of speed with much faster pace since it is simply predicting the roll of the dice at the end of the toss.

For starters, Shooting Dice bears a strong resemblance to a game of craps, but the difference is that you can play this one without the use of a table.  Playing a few games of Shooting Dice can be exciting since you can surely enjoy this one and have a lot of thrill at the same time.

Rules to follow in Shooting Dice

If you are keen to play this game and get a shot at winning big prizes, you should know what to look out for. Here are the rules to follow in Shooting Dice:

  1. There is no rule on how to choose the shooter so anyone can take turns and volunteer to go first.
  2. The shooter is the one who will pick the betting amount they want to wager and pick between either pass or don’t pass options.
  3. They will throw the target number if they roll a seven. This negates the pass bet they made prior to the roll.
  4. The shooter is the one who will offer odds in the middle of the game. This will continue until all players have placed bets on the options that are opposite to the shooter’s bet.
  5. They have the option to reduce their betting amount if the wagers are not enough to cover the initial bet that was picked before.
  6. All passes lead to a win if the result of the dice is a seven or 11. Don’t pass bets, on the other hand, will only be considered a win if the results are at two, three or 12.
  7. All bets are stopped as soon as the shooter throws the dice. This is to prevent more wagers being added to the overall total.

Tips and tricks in Shooting Dice

Playing Shooting Dice is not that hard as long as you know the rules to keep in mind. The next thing for you to do is to get started and get to the throwing part right away. There are many ways to get a win in Shooting Dice, and reading some tips can help especially for those who want to come up with a winning strategy in the game.

Here are some tips and tricks in Shooting Dice:

Roll the dice well

It is a must to roll the dice well and even let it hit the wall for a much better chance. The shooter must roll the dice in a way where it can hit the back wall of the table. Set the dice in a way that it will look like a v-shape – which is known as a ‘set’ in the traditional game.

Check dice probabilities

There is no way for you to come up with a roll and have your desired number as the result. However, out of all the numbers, seven is the most likely to come up with a 17% chance of hitting it. There are 36 possible values between the total of the two dice and six other ways to nail a seven.

Bet big when shooting

The most common scenario in Shooting Dice is that he will pass on the bet while other players say that he will crap out. If you are confident about your chances, then you should go for a big bet as you have a much higher chance of winning the game than betting while you are not the shooter.

It is not that hard to understand the mechanics of Shooting Dice, which only means that it is fairly easy to enjoy this game without a doubt. That is why it is more popular among many players out there than most people think, and it is the perfect avenue for you to get a chance at scoring the biggest wins in the casino.

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