Nowadays, eating healthy and staying in the right shape has almost become like a trend and this is a necessary trend that everyone should follow since we are living in an era where ailments have become more common and we are following an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Although there are many roads that lead to that ultimate healthy lifestyle, to begin with, you can start keeping tabs on the number of calories you are consuming. Just running for two hours or getting involved in any physical exercise is not enough as you have to follow a healthy diet and cut on the extra calories that you are consuming. 

But most people, keeping tabs on the calories can be hard and this is why, in most cases, everything is left at guesswork. Well, this is not the case when a person starts using the very popular and effective SmartPlate. 

So, let’s see how SmartPlate is helping people keep tabs on the calories consumed without any hassle. 

The working of SmartPlate 

There are three different partitions in the SmartPlate and although they might look like any other normal partition of an average plate, in those partitions are hidden the key to SmartPlate’s real capabilities. 

You will be surprised to know that there are three small digital cameras that are used in the partition and these cameras rely on the object recognition algorithm for identifying the food placed in every partition. 

In addition to this, the SmartPlate is equipped with weight sensors and these sensors are used to query with the online database for finding out how much calorie the food in the plate contains in addition to other nutrients available in the food. And the best part is that all this happens within just a couple of seconds. 

The object recognition system is so smart that it can easily differentiate between a slice of white bread and white bread so you don’t have to leave anything on guesswork. After collecting all the information accurately, the data is sent to the SmartPlate app and this makes it easy to log your meals as you go. 

What makes SmartPlate more effective?

You might be using a calorie counter app and you might be satisfied with it but are you sure that the app is actually helping you in your health journey or not?

There are many apps in the market that use different methods for calculating the calorie like in the case of SCiO, the calorie is counted on the basis of the molecular make-up of the substance. In TellSpec, a modern type of spectrometer is used for identifying the food, and in apps like MyFitnessPal, uses the gadget that you are already using. 

But what makes SmartPlate more effective than all the apps mentioned is its ability to automate the entire process and that too with better accuracy. The human error in the case of SmartPlate is reduced since it weighs and identifies what you put on the plate and then matches with the USDA database. Such a feature is not available in any of the calorie counter app out there. 

There is no way all other apps can weigh the apple that you had at lunch as they only rely on the identification of the food item, not its actual weight. But that is not the case with SmartPlate and this is what sets it apart from the rest of the apps in the market. 

A mix of device and app 

One of the best things about SmartPlate is it gives you a mix of a gadget in the form of a plate and an app. None of the calorie counting systems out there comes with this type of combination and this is what gives SmartPlate a competitive edge over all the other apps. 

This mix allows you to get accurate results within 5 seconds and the seamless app allows you to maintain logs without any hassle. But the app is not only about maintaining logs as it also comes with a round-the-clock chat feature through which you can get in touch with health experts. 

In addition to this, you also get to choose from a long list of diet plans and if you want, then the app can customize a diet plan according to your current health goals. So, opting for SmartPlate is like having a personal health trainer throughout your day and that too without turning your health goals into a money-guzzler. 

So, if you are looking to count calories and maintain logs in the most accurate manner possible then you should go for SmartPlate. In addition to speed and seamlessness, you also get better accuracy with this powerful calorie counting system. Just click the photo and get all the information you need regarding the food you are consuming. 

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