List of fastest T20 century scored in national and international matches

Smashing the balls out of the perk and shattering the confidence of the bowlers are what top-order batsmen do. It is eye candy to watch brutally driving the cricket ball amidst a well-planned fielding to kiss the boundaries. Fans become ecstatic to watch their favorite batsmen performing so well on the pitch.

The advent of T20 cricket mode in the national and international level cricket has changed the game into a more entertaining one. In memorable matches, the top scorers get the highest accolades. Here is a list of players who owned the day and won the heart of every viewer by unleashing the wrath and scoring the fastest century in the short cricket format.

List of players scoring a ton in T20

None other than Chris Gayle, the ‘Universe Boss’ on the pitch hit the fastest and most brilliant ton of the T20 history to date. It took only 30 balls to score a ton. That day, he dictated who the boss on the pitch really is.

The West Indies player, Chris Gayle was in a destructive mood unleashing his fullest potential on all the bowlers. What else can be the reason behind scoring a whopping score of 175 in just 66 balls? This godly score was made with 13 fours and 17 sixes. It means he drove half of the total balls out of the boundary and scored the fastest century in the history of T20.

In fact, it remains the highest score in all forms of T20 played at the national and international levels. His strike rate was more than 266 that day. Pune, the opponent was shattered by this performance in 2013.

Before this record, Yusuf Pathan, the Indian cricketer held the record of the fastest T20 century in 2010. Rajasthan was playing against Mumbai and was down by three wickets with a nominal score of 37. Yusuf entered the pitch and scored a brilliant ton in just 37 balls leading the score to 213. That was a remarkable performance sealing the fortune of Yusuf in the Indian T20 leagues.

The other players on this list of fastest century in T20 are:

  • Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant scored a century in 32 balls in 2018 against Himachal Pradesh. He was playing for Delhi against Himachal Pradesh in Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. He was also the wicketkeeper of Delhi back then. He drove the balls to kiss the boundary and sometimes above it to score a ton in just 32 balls. It is considered the second fastest century scored in any T20 game.

  • Wihan Lubbe

The 3rd fastest century was scored by Wihan Lubbe, a South African cricketer. He is a left-handed batsman who scored 102 out of 33 balls. He hit 11 sixes and 5 fours that day in 2018 leaving the opponent Limpobo hopeless. His score is hailed to be one of the most fascinating performances in T20 history.

  • David Miller

He scored a century in just 35 balls against Bangladesh in T20 International cricket format. That day, Bangladesh faced the wrath of this magician batsman.

  • Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma, the Indian cricketer also holds the same record as David Miller by scoring a ton in just 35 balls against Sri Lanka in 2017. That day, he hit 10 sixes and 12 fours and sealed the fate of Sri Lankan bowlers.

  • Sudesh Wickramasekara

He is considered to be the beast on the field as he also scored a ton against Turkey in just 35 balls sharing the 4th position with Rohit Sharma and David Miller.

These are the top cricket batsmen who scored the fastest century in T20 in different formats.

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