Localized Treatment of Web Design for E-commerce Ventures can Make a Real Difference

Businesses always look to engage their customers to make sure they are in touch with them. There can be several ways to do this, through social media and a website. Many businesses prefer social media because of its low maintenance cost and high reach. But a great online presence is what they need, but some of them tend to take this matter lightly.

Starting a business in the lucrative UAE market, focusing on Dubai is a top priority for many businesses from this region. But it is easier said than done as starting a venture or penetrating into a highly saturated marketplace like Dubai can be difficult, to say the least. Many companies try to get their hands on the international Before consolidating their position in the local market. How to make this happen through smart and creative web design is what businesses need to know.

In this blog, I will try to emphasize web design to focus on how to make this happen with the local marketplace in mind.

Importance of Localization for E-commerce Businesses

Think about a scenario where you would like to get a product from an International website, that is, not based in your region. You have to admit that we all have faced similar scenarios before. And often have to go through an ordeal so that our order gets delayed and we have to wait for several days. Although this is far from ideal, in the real world, incidents like these happen, and that’s why consumers prefer to buy products from their country or region.

The designing of e-commerce websites must be started with keeping the local flavor and preferences of the consumers. In the case of UAE and Dubai, businesses need to give their site visitors an exceptional experience that can make them interested in the proceedings. The localization aspect helps in getting the brands relevant, and that can make for a good case of brand loyalty and instant recognition.

What are some of the design aspects that you need to put on your website so that you can quickly get visitors’ attention? Go through the following blog to How to go about this in perfect style.

A Tailored Made Solution for the Target Market

As an e-commerce business, imagine What will work well for you so that everything falls into place. One of the main aspects about which the visitor will be interested in related to price and the local market’s availability. I will also be interested. He has to pay the shipping charges just like any other site would charge him. And finally, any other duty/hidden charges so the final amount will be much more than advertised on the website.

The conversion rate can drop drastically as the customers will find out that they will have to pay the amount In US dollars or Euros instead of their local currency in Emirates Dirhams. So, never commit this grave mistake and stick to the local currency. Other issues can be related to, but there are many ways to check them out later as we have to focus on design.

The designing aspect related to e-commerce websites must start from great navigation. Start from a landing page, about which many people think that your design is not much important. The website design needs to be impeccable at every stage of the website. The landing pages where the business gets lots of important information from the visitors’ email address and phone number. For this, you need engineering design and content to make this happen.

Engaging Copy and Design on the Home and Subsequent Pages

To make things happen on your homepage, designing is an integral part so that you can e-commerce website can go the distance. The proper use of images can make the products look alluring. However, the product page is where you need to showcase them brilliantly but, on the homepage, too. This is an important requirement.

The use of videos and other animations can also make up for the minimal use of images. But it would help if you were precise so that everything falls into place rather than looks out of sorts and forced. Everything must be complemented well with a great copy so that it gives the proper message. A compelling copy is one aspect that can make the design of a website take giant strides in getting approval from the visitors.

Never underestimate the power of written content as just a simple tagline or CTA can make a visitor go for a product. It would be best if you made your brand look exclusive in your potential customers’ eyes, and that’s where the expertise of a designer comes into play. Never settle for less and always search for prominent website designing companies in UAE that can do the job for you.

Add the Local Flavor

Remember, the design element you are incorporating in your website must be related to the region’s custom and related o native values and culture. Any direct contradiction will result in disapproval of your design, and some visitors can leave the site instantly. Using a design related to local cultures like the image of Burj Khalifa or Burj Dubai will make everyone think about the city. This will give your product a sense of belonging and will go a long way in making them have an emotional connection with your website and product/service.

Understand the local marketplace’s challenges and do thorough research on how your competitors have made it big. Don’t bluntly copy their design or strategy but make your own to give your website a distinctive feel. Understanding that localization is the key here and in the current environment, many people don’t want to order from an international website as this may be delayed for several days.

Final Word

During the last year, local businesses worldwide have thrived, and this is a golden chance for you to make a mark for yourself. Design your way to all the success with local flavor making your task very easy.

If you think that you can add something of interest here, you are more than welcome. For any questions or feedback, please use the comments section below.

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