Looking Deeper: Choosing The Best Mattress For You

Sleep is vital for everyone. We must be able to sleep after a day. Sleep allows the body to get rest and be ready the following day. Moreover, adequate sleep offers a lot more advantages to our body. For this reason,  your mattress should be given much consideration.

Concerning this, there are several reasons why someone struggles to fall asleep. One significant factor that affects our sleep is the bed. A bed is where you can either have a comfortable sleep or the worst sleeping experience ever. That is why choosing the appropriate mattress for you is essential. Listed are a few types of bed and their benefits and downsides to even help you in decision-making. If you want to buy mattress online, this place is your destination.


In choosing the best quality mattress, it would be wise to learn the typical qualities of each type of mattress. An innerspring mattress is the most well-known bed out there. This bed features the house coils and springs that made this mattress different from other types of mattress. Also, this bed is widely available, and the price may vary depending on what type of innerspring you want.

Innerspring has the traditional feel to its mattress and this bed is the oldest type present to this day. The connected spring system offers strong support and durability. Also, the coils and springs allow the bed to wear evenly. Making this bed last for a long time. Also, if you are looking for a bed that has a firm and bouncy feeling to it, innerspring might be for you.

The downside of innersprings is that there is a chance that the spring and coils can break. If you have a family member that loves to jump on beds, innerspring might not be best for you. When too much pressure is applied, the parts might wear faster than it is supposed to.

Memory Foam

The memory foam mattress is made out of a polymer found on the sofa, car seats, spray foam, and beds. The memory foam molds the body in response to pressure and body heat. Then the foam returns to its original shape after you stand up or remove the stress.

Memory foam shapes into the contours of your body and distributes the weight evenly. For this, it gives the optimum support to your back. Additionally, this mattress does not transfer motion. Whenever your sleeping partner moves, you will not be able to feel its body movements, and you can have a good night’s sleep. Moreover, this bed is also durable and can last up to 15 years with proper care.

Many people complained about their memory foam having a foul odor that its material might cause. However, do not worry since it usually dissipates around 48 hours. With its ability to mold the foam into your body shape, there is a chance that you will sleep in a hotbed. It can get hot when you rest for a long time. Additionally, the contouring of the memory foam makes some people feel stuck check more here orthomattress.com

Air Mattress

The air bed uses air chambers to provide support when you are sleeping. You can freely adjust the air in your mattress to your comfort. Also, there are more air mattresses aside from their inflatable features.

Air mattress allows you to adjust the bed’s firmness to cater to many people’s preferences. Additionally, this can also accommodate different weights, sizes, and body shapes. Hence, its effectiveness in providing a better quality sleep at night. What’s more, is that the air beds never sag. All you have to do is to inflate it with more air which can eliminate sagging.

The air bed can take too much time to assemble. It usually takes up to 30-60 minutes to fully inflate a full-size bed. Aside from this, inflating an air bed can be noisy. Many homeowners complain about the loud air pump whenever they try to assemble the mattress. Moreover, air mattresses have a shorter warranty period in comparison to spring and latex beds.

Latex Mattresses

The Latex bed may only contain latex. A latex mattress has various types that you can choose from: natural latex, synthetic latex mattress, and blended latex. The natural latex is made out of the sap of a rubber tree. Meanwhile, the synthetic one is made from chemical compounds to try to copy the natural latex. Lastly, blended latex is a mix of the two.

The latex material is naturally cool, plus most manufacturers further improve its breathability for improved heat regulation. This is one of the reasons why you could experience a comfortable sleep on this mattress. Moreover, one of the selling points of this bed is its durability. Latex mattresses usually last for about 15 years or more, depending on what type you have. Also, natural latex material tends to last longer.

The common negative feedback is that this bed can produce too much bounce that can be a drawback for light-sleepers. Moreover, latex mattresses are on the heavier side. So it will need a bit more effort in lifting. Also, the fact that rubbers can be costly. Undoubtedly, latex beds tend to be more pricey than other regular beds.


The gel mattress has springiness and shares the same cushioning as the memory foam. The gel mattress is supportive and can contribute to proper spinal alignment. Additionally, gel foam is a viscoelastic foam with gel beads that can help reduce heat build-up so that the mattress can have better airflow. This feature will significantly cool you and prevent hot, restless nights.

However, as amazing as it sounds, the fantastic softness of gel-type mattresses comes with an expensive price tag. If you are the type who loves to constantly rearrange your room, if you love bringing mattresses in caps, this bed might not be for you. Gel mattresses can be too heavy, and it will be hard to transfer them from one place to another.


As sleep is vital, it is essential to choose the perfect mattress. Your preference and comfort should be the crucial factors for determining your bed out of all the wide variety of mattresses. Indeed, something out there will suit your liking.

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