How to Install Solar Panels

The best solar panels are known for their efficiency, durability, and service life. It’s an investment that should last you at least 25 years and sometimes even more, depending on upkeep.  Additionally, solar panels are one of the most vital components of a home solar system, as they are responsible for converting sunlight into electricity.

In this article, we will take a brief look at solar panels to give you a better understanding of the dynamics of this critical solar component.

What Is a Solar Panel? 

A solar panel, also known as a photovoltaic module, consists of photovoltaic cells that can use the sun’s light to generate electricity to meet the power demands of a household or commercial establishment. Sunlight consists of particles called photons, and solar panels use these particles from the sun into usable electricity to power home appliances and provide power backup in case of grid failure.

Types of Solar Panels

There are two types of solar panels you can choose from:

  1. Monocrystalline: They are the oldest form of PV panels and have gone through extensive testing and development, making them the best solar panels in terms of efficiency. However, they are costly.
  2. Polycrystalline: They are comparatively less efficient than the Monocrystalline solar PV panels. However, they are significantly cheaper compared to the former and more popular among the masses due to their affordability.

How to Choose a Solar Panel? 

As we mentioned before, the best solar panels can easily last up to 25 years with minimum maintenance. And it is important to choose a panel that gives you the most value for your money. Here are a few points you should keep in mind when buying a solar panel:


The efficiency of a solar panel is determined by the amount of sunlight it is able to convert into electricity per unit of area. A solar panel with higher efficiency will also result in the overall efficiency of the entire rooftop solar system. Therefore, always ensure that when you are shortlisting panels, you make a list of the most efficient solar panels and make a comparison to find out the most efficient ones.

Moreover, the more efficient the system, the lesser number of panels would need to be installed, reducing the overall installation cost. So, spending a little extra on an efficient solar panel will always turn out to be a better investment, even if the initial cost is a little high.


It is important to purchase a solar panel from a reputed manufacturer so that you get a proper warranty on the product. Since solar panels are a long-term investment, you should buy the product from a brand that you know will honor the warranty and provide any required assistance.

Temperature Co-Efficiency

Extremely hot temperatures can degrade a solar panel. Therefore, it is important to have solar panels that are temperature-co-efficient.  And remember, the lower the temperature co-efficiency, the better it is for the panel’s longevity.

Buying a solar panel is a big investment decision, but certainly a smart one. For a one-time investment, the home solar system will continue to give huge -savings on electricity bills, meaning guaranteed returns.

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