Main Benefits of iOS Game Development Services

In the modern world, mobile games are a real treasure of opportunities and prospects. The mobile games market is growing rapidly. And there is no doubt that games for iOS devices are the most profitable. Ignoring trends means missing out on a great chance not only to enter the market with a new product but also to make great money.

Every iOS game development company strives to surprise users with exclusive products that stand out from the rest and attract attention. The creation of games for iOS requires special attention: their selection in the App Store is very strict. There are many different rules that can provoke a store’s refusal to accept the game.

So what are the features of creating games for iOS and what are the benefits of deciding to work with this particular platform? Let’s figure it out.

Less Populous, But More Influential: The Power of Apple

Did you know that the App Store last year accounted for 65% of the world’s app revenue? Apple can create or destroy entire gaming companies at the flick of its fingers: more than half of the $ 62 billion spent last year on smartphone games were for iPhone and iPad. This is despite the fact that there are about a billion Apple users in the world. This is two and a half times less than the number of Android users. Impressive, isn’t it?

This promising market is not easy to access. We have already mentioned that the App Store requires adherence to many guidelines and rules. All games are downloaded separately, each of them has its own rating and reviews. However, the store also has certain advantages. If your app succeeds with the approval, then you get benefits such as Siri, data backups, and App Store promotion.

Why iOS Games Work Better

Many have noticed that iOS games are better optimized. It’s not just about the strict rules for games, but also about the development environment. The development of games for iOS is carried out in the Xcode environment, which was created by Apple itself. This means full compatibility with all Apple devices. All their varieties and generations are taken into account and sewn into the development environment. This allows iOS game developers not to bother with optimization for each processor and graphics accelerator separately, but to focus on debugging just the external design.

This is not the case on Android. Android is an open-source operating system that can be used by all smartphone manufacturers without exception. Google does not follow this in any way and, although it certifies devices, it does this only in relation to those who pay it for the right to install Google Mobile Services. As a result, devices with a completely unimaginable combination of characteristics enter the market, and it is often very problematic to adapt games for them.

It is also important to know that iOS works much faster in comparison with the technique with more powerful parameters, but under the Android system.

Wrapping Up

When making a choice in favor of iOS game development, you need to carefully calculate all the pros and cons of working with different contractors. There are many benefits to working with iOS. But they can only be assessed if you take advantage of all the possibilities that this operating system offers. And you can take full advantage of them only by contacting professionals who are well-versed in its specifics.

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