Major Trends in the Gaming Industry in 2021

There have been so many changes in the gaming and cyber sports industry this year that it’s hard to keep track of them all. In addition to the active development of wg casino no deposit bonus in the form of the introduction of VR technology and the development of more versatile games, the entire gaming industry has also undergone an expansion and in 2021 there are special trends different from last year. Let’s take a look at them.

The key trends for this year are

  • Audience interest and arrivals and developer revenues will continue to grow

Due to the spread of the virus COVID 19, player engagement and interest has increased across the planet. However, according to experts, even after the pandemic is over, gamer engagement and revenue growth for publishers and developers will be fixed at the former level. The fact is that during the time of self-isolation, gaming entertainment has become a real habit and addiction, from which many users will be difficult to abandon.

Of course, the same growth rate that in 2020, do not wait – it is the return of the already experienced users and keep the flow of new will be a priority for developers and publishers this year. According to some experts’ report, in current year the number of gamers around the world will reach 2.8 billion people and the market size – $ 198.3 billion.

  • Manufacturers will need more time to meet the demand for new console generations

Supplying new consoles, marketing and production are all complex tasks in normal times. Organizing it all during a pandemic when supply chains are disrupted becomes even more difficult. As a result, it will take extra time for manufacturers to meet demand for the new generations of X-box Series X or S and PlayStation 5 consoles. The same goes for game development – the release of many games in 2020 has been delayed, and we’re likely to see even more delays in AAA projects this year.

Regardless, based on the views and analysis of analysts, player spending on console games will remain high in 2021. This will mainly due to the fact that most projects from now on will be possible on both generations of consoles – both old and new – and the user base of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One collected an impressive. Do not forget about the still relevant and widely demanded Nintendo Switch, games for which players will be purchased separately. In addition, experts note that the trend of transition of console games to F2P-monetization will continue this year.

  • The audience of gaming streaming sites will expand

Last year was a pivotal year for cloud-based gaming platforms – isolation accelerated their proliferation and also gave gamers the opportunity to spend more of their personal time playing. Firms such as Amazon, Microsoft, Goog|e, Tencent and many wg casino platforms launched their services in this market. Cloud-based gaming applications have become available not only on Android, but also on iOS. Google Stadia already has a version for Apple’s mobile operating system – it works in the Safari browser. Also planned for the spring of this year is the release of x-Cloud for personal computer and iOS, and X-box CEO Phil Spencer even brought up the idea of a possible future compatibility platform X-box Game (Pass Ultimate) with Smart TVs.

Experts believe that due to this event, cloud gaming revenues will cross the $1 billion mark for the first time in this year. In addition, users will become more evident the benefits of using streaming game services. Thus, the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 demonstrated the key of them – the game version for Google Stadia allows gamers to achieve high quality graphics and performance, even if they do not have expensive equipment. In the near future, services like Stadia and GeForce Now could be the easiest and fastest way to start using games with higher (system) requirements of any device.

  • Brand presence in games will grow

Because of isolation, interest in games as platforms for all sorts of events has increased in 2020. For example, in the past year, game worlds have hosted music performances (such as Fortnite’s Travis Scott and Roblox’s Lil Nas X), fashion shows, weddings, graduation events, and even funerals. These out-of-game opportunities and events can continue to introduce projects to a wider audience.

The value of organizing such events in game worlds for brands, performers and publishers is becoming increasingly apparent. Travis Scott, for example, earned about $20 million for his Fortnite performance, and his concert video on YouTube was viewed by about 142 million people, a testament to the high interest in such content. At the moment, according to experts, brands will appear in game worlds more often and organize there all sorts of events, even after the pandemic is over.

  • Games help combat toxicity and promote a culture of diversity and inclusion

Projects like Apex Legends, The Last of Us Part 2, and Te11 Me Why are great examples of games with racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity. There are more and more such games, and they and other projects are becoming more accessible to people with disabilities, thanks to additional customization of projects, the release of special controllers like theHbioh Adaptive Controller, and the work of organizations like AbleGamers and SpecialEffect.

Online venues and systems are also trying to make their communities less toxic and more rewarding. To that end, Soпy, Nintendo and Microsoft not long ago expressed a partnership to make games more responsible and less toxic. Other companies are also opening new positions for employees to work on improving the culture of inclusivity and diversity in games. Experts believe this trend will continue to become popular in 2021.


The new trends for 2021 are significantly different from last year, but all of the changes are focused on a comfortable and enjoyable user experience that integrates innovation from year to year. The new trends of 2021 are new opportunities for gamers, and they should not be missed.

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