Male Fashion 101: How to Style Your Suit Tie

If you’re a fashionable man, you need to know how to accessorize. While you can add a watch or belt to make your ensemble look good, a well-chosen tie is what sets you apart. You’ll add touches of color and texture that will impress everyone you see.

Curious to learn more? Read on to learn how to style your suit tie!

Choose the Right Pattern and Color

For a classy look, tone down the contrast with your tie. A blue suit black tie ensemble keeps the colors cool, muted, and professional. Try a metallic blue suit paired with a wool or nylon tie to create more differences in texture.

For a friend’s cocktail party or workplace celebration, you can be a little more daring. A tie with pinstripes, paisley, or plaid makes for a fun and relaxed style. Go with light and bright colors in the summer — and richer browns and oranges in the cooler months.

Learn How to Tie Your Suit Tie

While a suit without tie is the easier option, a suit with a tie looks more polished. It’s worth taking the time to learn how to tie your ties. And there’s not just one way to do it!

A classic Windsor knot is strong and triangular — and it should be a staple in your bag of tricks. As another solid option, the four-in-hand knot is a little leaner and cleaner.

And if you really want to impress people around you, go with the elaborate Eldridge knot. You’ll need to practice to master this style, and you’ll need a longer tie. But the multi-layered outcome exudes elegance that is ideal for formal events.

Short on time? Go with the simple knot, which involves the fewest steps. The final look is crisp and professional, with just a touch of asymmetry.

Pair Your Tie with a Pocket Square

A bow tie suit ensemble pairs perfectly with a pocket square. You’ll look sophisticated and preppy. And you’ll add another layer of texture and color to complete your look.

You can stretch each suit a little further by changing up your pocket square, too. Just be sure that your suit tie and pocket square are not exactly the same. The two accessories should coordinate and not compete!

And don’t forget about other suit accessories, like cufflinks and socks. For formal affairs, match your socks to your suit jacket. But when you’re feeling more daring, introduce socks with a jazzy pattern that suits your tie. You can also choose cummerbunds if you are attending any formal event.

Wear Skinny Ties If You Dare

When it comes to finding a suit tie, you can try anything from a neckerchief to a skinny tie, depending on your mood. The key is understanding which tie is appropriate within a given setting. For instance, you don’t want to wear the loudest bowtie to your cousin’s wedding.

Bowties in polka dots or plaid can cultivate an academic look when paired with a tweed blazer. But a black bowtie and a tux can transform your look for a wedding or night at the opera.

When you’re having a special dinner date in Texas, a Bolo tie might suit the mood. These string ties consist of leather and a metal clip. Bolo ties have moved into the mainstream since their emergence in the 1940s, and you can even wear them in some workplaces.

For a sharp and youthful look, try the skinny tie. These ties tend to be about half the width of a traditional tie. While they may be perfect for visiting the latest food hall, you might be better sticking to the traditional tie for a job interview.

Dress Your Tie Up or Down

Ties can be more versatile than you think. A tie with a sports jacket and jeans is the ideal casual style for a backyard party. Wear a pressed shirt and rounded leather shoes to complete the look.

An all black suit and tie ensemble looks debonair if you’re spending a night on the town. Go this route for a New Year’s Eve party or gala at your city’s museum. Since the color scheme will be black, the textures and sheen of your tie will be what adds definition.

Or strike a middle ground with a solid tie and a neutral gray or navy suit. Stick with skinny pinstripes for a more contemporary appearance. And if you go with a tartan pattern, go with darker shades for a sophisticated look.

Find the Right Suit Jacket for Your Tie

What suit pairs best with a tie? Look for a suit that fits you well — and take the time to get it tailored. A good gray suit with enough contrast against your skin tone should always be in your closet and ready to go. Since gray is a neutral tone, it will accentuate the intensity of any colors or patterns in your tie, too.

But you should also have a few fun and formal suits to round out your collection. Dark navy and deep brown are good staples that will complement just about any tie. If you go for a suit in a wider pinstripe or woven pattern, consider choosing a solid tie to avoid any clashing.

Be the Most Fashionable Man

When you’re trying to up your fashion game, you need to know how to wear your suit tie. For cocktail parties, spruce up your gray two-button suit with a bold tie. But for more formal events, keep your look monotone and clean.

For more fashion advice to help you stand out, check back for new articles!

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