Male Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery And Non-Invasive Procedures Are Booming

In this Instagram-centered age, plastic and aesthetic surgery has come to be seen as a ‘quick and easy fix’ to a host of issues – among men as well as women. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports that women still outnumber men when it comes to the total number of procedures (1.7M vs 215,000 procedures annually, respectively), but men are also seeking fast solutions. What procedures are trending, and are there non-invasive (or less invasive) alternatives to some of the issues being tackled?

Non-Invasive Procedures

As is the case for women, men are turning to Botox, fillers, and laser treatments to turn back the hands of time in order to delay (or altogether avoid) invasive procedures like facelifts. The ASPS lists the following as the five most popular minimally invasive procedures sought by men: Botox, chemical peels, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, and soft tissue fillers. The latter are used to fill in areas like the cheekbones and to correct asymmetrical jawlines. A few ways to improve jaw evenness without fillers include improving posture and other misalignments in the body, performing facial stretches, and cheek toning. However, in cases where these efforts do not produce the desired results, fillers or facial implants (a surgical option for those after a more permanent solution) can be considered. Need an affordable way to get flawless skin? Check out this affordable aesthetic clinic in Singapore, known as Only Aesthetics.

Invasive Procedures

The most popular ‘invasive’ (or surgical) procedures solicited by men include breast reduction, eyelid surgery, hair transplantation, liposuction, and nose reshaping (nose jobs or rhinoplasty). Less popular but also offered at some clinics is ‘penile enlargement’ surgery. This essentially involves the release of a ligament from its pubic bone attachment so the penis becomes slightly longer. Greater girth can be achieved, meanwhile, through fat transfer. Although most of these procedures are difficult to replace by non-invasive or ‘natural’ methods, one treatment that is proving popular among men and women alike is ‘CoolSculpting’ – i.e. fat freezing Sydney. This procedure allows patients to tackle stubborn areas of fat (like the tummy, double chin and ‘love handles’) by simply ‘freezing’ fat cells with an applicator – in this ‘lunchtime treatment’, no surgery is required.

Men are increasingly visiting plastic and aesthetic surgeons to turn back the hands of time. Just a few minimally invasive procedures they are seeking include Botox, fillers, and laser hair removal. Surgery, meanwhile, continues to advance in leaps and bounds, with everything from eyelid surgery to penile enlargement proving to be of interest for beauty-conscious males.

Men are also increasingly travelling overseas for surgical and non-invasive procedures. As a medical and cosmetic surgery hub in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a highly attractive destination for both men and women seeking affordable cosmetic procedures abroad. Plastic surgery clinics, such as Interplast Clinic, offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures for men, including gynecomastia (male breast reduction), pectoral implants, pectoral etching, penile lengthening and penile enlargement surgery. Visit their website to learn more about plastic surgery for men in Bangkok.

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