Masterbuilt MB20076718 240G Bluetooth Electric Smoker

In the world of barbecue, electric smoker equals convenience, ease and affordability which is even enhanced in the case of Bluetooth electric smokers. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or are new to smoking, if you don’t want to dedicate your whole day to a piece of brisket, an electric smoker is an excellent solution. These machines have brought the traditional style of barbecue into the 21st century. By using electricity as a source of heat and wood chips to add that smoky flavor, you’ll still get that amazing flavor and texture that comes from a low and slow cook, but, without the hassle. With no fire to light and automatic temperature control, the guesswork is taken out of the picture, leaving you with a feat that’s guaranteed to wow your friends and family.

Here is the best Bluetooth electric smoker for you to give you the peace of mind.

Masterbuilt MB20076718 240G Bluetooth Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt is actually the pioneer of the electric smoker industry. It is an ever trusted name in the world of electric smokers. They are on the top even when you consider electric smoker with Bluetooth. The Masterbuilt 240G Bluetooth electric smoker is at the top because of its wide characteristics and quality. First, let’s talk about capacity. This Bluetooth electric smoker has the capacity of fitting 16 chickens at one time. This means it has a large cooking area of 972 square inches.

With 4 cooking racks, it has also been recognized as a 40-inch electric smoker with Bluetooth. It has a simple and elegant yet effective design that facilitates the smoking process. This smoker has been equipped with a 1200-watt smoking element. It comes with a built-in meat probe thermometer so you don’t have to worry about ruining food. Though black in color, the stainless steel doors make it a highly charming electric smoker. It has a transparent window so you can look at what is, going on inside.

There is also a wood chip loader on the side of this electric smoker so you don’t have to open the doors every time for loading wood chips. The Masterbuilt 240G has a heavy body so it has wheel on the back handle which makes its movement easy. Now, let’s talk about the controls. Being a digital electric smoker with Bluetooth, you have to establish a connection between your phone and smoker. Once that connection is established, you can set the temperature and time, control and light and meat probe thermometer.

The Specs of Masterbuilt MB20076718 240G Bluetooth Electric Smoker

Here are the specs of this Bluetooth electric smoker.

  • It can fit 16 chickens at a time.
  • A large cooking area of 972 square inches.
  • Smart and elegant design.
  • 1200-watt smoking element.
  • Stainless steel doors with a transparent window.
  • Effective loading of wood chips from the side.

The Pros Wheels on the back

  • Effective temperature control
  • 1200-watts heating element
  • Electric smoker with Bluetooth
  • Ample 972 square inches space


  • A bit big for small gathering

Final Verdict

The Masterbuilt 240G Bluetooth electric smoker is a great choice especially when you are planning something big. Let us remind you that 16 chickens at a single time isn’t a small number. Moreover, the Bluetooth and control functionalities are up to the mark. All the above qualities make it the best electric smoker with Bluetooth in the market.


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