Mattress in a Box

What is a mattress in a box?

Mattress in a container is the latest trend in mattress shopping, replacing the old-fashioned method of purchasing a new mattress from an upscale retail store. Instead of purchasing a new mattress at a high-end retailer, you could now purchase a new mattress in a container, from a variety of companies. Some companies offer a 30-day trial period, so if you decide the mattress isn’t right, you can return the mattress to the store for a full refund. In addition, some companies will ship the mattress to your home free of charge.

So, what’s the deal about these mattress inboxes?

They’re made of high-quality materials that are safe for most adults to sleep on. They’re easy to store and transport, and most are accompanied by complimentary delivery. If you haven’t tried it before, it might seem like an unusual concept, but many consumers have been successfully sleeping on a mattress in a box, or a similar type of bedding. The following are some of the reasons why:

Saves Space – Because the mattress can be stacked compactly, there is no longer any need to have two pieces of furniture for storage purposes. Simply stack the box spring on top of the frame, and it folds back into the original box that came with the product. This saves both space and money. Furthermore, because the bed doesn’t take up as much space, your room can be instantly furnished with new furniture without having to rearrange everything.

Doesn’t Require Assembly – Unlike traditional mattresses in boxes, the Mattress in A Box takes less time to assemble. Even children who aren’t used to doing things around the house can do it without assistance, and most assembly tasks are simple. The box spring fits easily into place, so you don’t have to worry about boxing the item, putting it up, then undoing it again to put it away.

Is manufactured with a risk-free warranty – Just like traditional mattresses in boxes, this one too comes with a risk-free 30-day guarantee. That means no more coming back to this item to get caught up in the crease or sagging in the middle of the night. This Mattress in A Box comes with a built-in self-healing natural sleep aid system that mends itself automatically, saving you even more money than if you had to pay a seamstress to come to do the job for you. It’s made using only the strongest and highest quality materials, so you know it’ll be durable and long-lasting. Plus, its natural anti-bacterial protection means you won’t have to worry about toxic gases during delivery, either.

Contains No Special Surprises – Unlike many other mattress inbox options, this one is more of a standard size, so you won’t have to pay more to get a larger size. You also won’t have to deal with odd-shaped foam pieces that may not be fully deflated. Best of all, the Mattress in A Box comes with a trial period, allowing you to try it out for a short time before deciding if you want to buy it. There’s no risk involved at all with a trial.

So, if you need to keep your old mattresses safe and dust-free but don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for an expensive new mattress, why not try buying a Mattress in A Box? It’s much safer than traditional mattresses, it’s cheaper than traditional mattresses and it doesn’t involve any heavy machinery. There are no health risks, either, so you can sleep like a baby on a new Mattress in A Box! Just make sure you do some research first and decide if it’s the right solution for you.

Affordable – Mattress in a box concept is becoming extremely popular, and they’re revolutionizing the way Americans get their nightly sleep. Many reasons have driven this new trend. First, bed in a box businesses don’t have large overhead expenses like most traditional retailers. This means that in most instances, you can obtain a good, quality mattress at a much cheaper price than you would usually find in an actual retail outlet. In addition, by shopping online, we can bypass many of the middlemen and save even more money.

With these benefits, more people are converting to the bed and mattress in a box lifestyle. It’s a refreshing alternative to the typical retail experience and allows people to lie on the mattresses without ever leaving the comfort of their own home. Also, if you don’t like the idea of sleeping on a hard surface or sleeping with someone who may not be comfortable with your particular sleeping habits, there is a trial period with these products. For a limited time, you will get the chance to try the revolutionary new mattress. If it doesn’t work for you, then you don’t have to stay as you will get your money back!

Storage – The Mattress in a Box concept makes storage for a bed very easy. The box spring that holds up the mattress is designed to be strong and resilient but still lightweight so that the mattress can be placed on top of it easily. Some of the larger box springs in use today even feature wheels so that the entire mattress can be rolled right into place when not in use. This makes storage for the bed very simple because you no longer need to worry about where you put the heavy machinery that is needed to create the box spring, as well as the space needed to house the heavy machinery.

With the concept of the Mattress in a Box, it’s very easy to add more pieces of furniture to the bed when one is needed. The ability to store more than just the traditional bed frame makes this type of mattress an excellent choice for any household. As time passes, it makes life easier and more enjoyable. The only problem with buying Mattress in a Box is the novelty wears off and that new mattress that is placed in its place starts to look nothing like the original. This does not mean that people should forgo a new mattress entirely, just keep an eye on the box spring every few months so that the appearance remains uniform.


Many people find that these types of mattresses are quite comfortable. It is made of heavy machinery, so you will find that the comfort level can be different from one person to another. Some people find that they simply cannot get comfortable with these mattresses, but others swear by them like it is their only option. The fact remains that this is heavy machinery and when used correctly, can make your sleep more restful.


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