Medical MariJuana, or “MMJ”, has a lot of benefits the general public doesn’t realize. There are some negative aspects to the compound as well, but the benefits tend to outweigh the detriments.

It will certainly depend on the person. In this writing, we’ll cover both to help inform your choice. Without further ado, here are some pros and cons of MMJ.

  1. Pro: MMJ Helps Fight Cancer

Cancer cells are attacked by MMJ. Strange as this may seem, marijuana kills the cells which malignantly replicate. Such cells ultimately lead to the cancerous decline in health which eventually kills people. This is one of the most common uses of marijuana in a medical application: to kill cancer. That’s a huge positive.

  1. Con: While Under The Influence, There Is Mental Fog

There are CBD compounds which don’t include the psychoactive effects that come with THC. These can also alleviate pain and help fight cancer. However, for most people suffering from this disease, it’s best to have strains which include both CBD and THC. 

THC tends to lead to psychoactive effects, and these—though generally pleasant—can make it hard to think.

  1. Pro: Door Delivery Options Are Readily Available

Especially if you’re dealing with exceptional pain, it can be hard to go out and pick up marijuana at a store. 

However, in most South California locations—and in many locations across the country—there are options where someone can drive your “medication” right to your door. A great example is this weed delivery service in Van Nuys.

  1. Con: MMJ Isn’t Legally Available In All States Yet

You’re not able to secure MMJ legally in every state. Most states have some sort of exemption to federal law for this purpose. You’re not going to find that everywhere in the USA quite yet. 

In Wyoming, Idaho, Tennessee, and South Carolina, all marijuana products are illegal. However, in Wyoming at least, you’ll find CBD gummies at some gas stations.

  1. Pro: Because It’s Medical, There Are Tax Exemptions

Recreational marijuana is more expensive than MMJ because of associated taxes. However, owing to the medical use of marijuana taken for health reasons, there is a reduction in taxes. You’ll pay less for MMJ than for traditional marijuana.

  1. Con: For MMJ, You Have To Receive Doctors’ Orders

If you’re going to avoid the taxes associated with marijuana, you’ll need to buy MMJ. Not everyone has a condition that allows them to do so. However, most doctors will allow you to acquire an MMJ card if you’ve got some issue of pain for which MMJ might prove helpful. Here’s how you get your MMJ card.

There is a process involved, but if you have health issues that might benefit from MMJ, it’s totally worthwhile to jump through the hoops and get your card. Different states have different hoops you’ll have to jump through; some make it easier to acquire an MMJ card than others.

Is MMJ Right For You?

Maybe MMJ is good for you, maybe it’s not quite the sort of pain relief you’re looking for. On the con side of things, you need to get a card, MMJ isn’t legal or available in all states, and strong strains can produce mental fog. However, MMJ will kill cancer, delivery options are available, and taxes aren’t applied to MMJ. This saves you money.

For most, the pros outweigh the cons. It’s going to depend on what your medical condition is, where you live, and the sort of budget you’re working with.

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