There’s an increasing trend of practicing mindful meditation nowadays as it is considered an antidote for the modern hectic lifestyle. In this blog, Ishine365 discusses some of the mindful practices you can perform at the beach. Meditation keeps you sane and is vital for your wellbeing. The basic motive of mindful meditation is focusing on the present moment while forgetting your past and the to-do list of routines. It can be practiced anywhere, but one of the best places for this activity is said to be the beach. The sound of crashing waves on the shore, flying seagulls, moist and salty air, and the sensation of granules of sand on your skin provides the best environment for meditation as they make you feel fully connected to nature and yourself. This practice increases your joy and gratitude. 

Body Scan Meditation

Here Ishine365 is sharing with you somebody scans mediation techniques. You can perform this meditation while swimming in the salty waters of the ocean, jogging, or walking along the shore once you meet with the rhythm of the activity. You can also perform this while sitting by the shore and closing your eyes. While using your mind, focus on one body part at one time. Feel how that body part feels before moving on to the next. Observe the sensations deeply. Perform this with all your body parts. You can lie down on the sand and let your body relax. Feel the granules of sand supporting your body while it settles into the ground. Release the tension from your muscles and clear your mind with thoughts. Come into the physical present and feel the sensation of sand, air, and water. Wearing a designer swimwear while performing it can increase the contact of your body and skin with all these elements.

Sunrise and Sunset

Undoubtedly, sunrise and sunset are the most beautiful times of the day. Ishine356 is telling you a unique way of meditation. Taking a moment to profoundly watch a sunrise or sunset can be very reviving. Beach is the best place to watch these. Pause for a while and divert your full attention towards the sunrise or sunset to perform mindfulness. Observe the changing colors of the sky and patterns of clouds. Carefully analyze the thoughts without judgment that passes through your mind during this whole time. This can help you revise your priorities in life. You can also watch the sunrise and sunset with your loved ones. This prevails the deep connection between you two. During this quiet time, people can ponder over their relationship depth which helps to strengthen it.

Swimming, Jogging, or Walking Meditation

You can practice mindfulness while doing these physical activities by bringing each of your senses alive. While swimming in your designer swimwear, feel how the water feels on your skin and tastes in your mouth. Feel the sound of the ocean waters and your body moving with it. Similarly, practice the same with your senses while jogging or walking. Preferably, perform it barefoot if possible. Feel the air touching your body, the sound of the ocean, and your breath. Feel the warmth of the sun, wind touching your sweaty body, and sand particles under your feet. Meanwhile, analyze the thoughts crossing through your mind. You can also perform breathing meditation by simply sitting by the seashore. Close your eyes and take 10 to 20 deep breaths. Focus on your inhale and exhale. To enjoy your meditation with all comfort you can garb some designer swimwear from Ishine365. 

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