A perfect accessory can turn your “good” look into a classy one. Have you ever bumped into a guy rocking an effortless and compelling style, yet you can’t figure out how he did it? 

The secret could be hidden in the type of accessories he rocks. And elevating your style and look does more good than just boosting your confidence. Psychologists and image consultants emphasize that an enhanced appearance and presentation create lasting first impressions

That means it is also a subtle influence driving personal and business growth. In short, the right accessory can elevate your outfit to a new level and even increase your impact. That’s why we’ve put together a list of men’s fashion accessories that are key to next-level style. 

1. Classic Watch

Most men shy away from jewelry because of irrelevant notions that it is a reserve for women. As a result, men have limited jewelry options –whether it is diamond or gold. But, some defy this norm to rock studs, necklaces, and anything in between. 

However, not all jewelry can elevate your style. Classic watches, reinforced by rare minerals and metals like diamond or gold watches are an exception. Brands like TAG Heuer have a broad collection to level up your style. 

Also, most dive watches fit this description perfectly. Go for the steel link bracelet that can make it greatly accentuate your wrist whether it’s a Saturday evening event or Monday morning at work. 

2. Elastic Stretch Belt

The details around your waist and how it matches your tie, shoes, pocket square, or watch matter greatly. Leather belts can easily hold your pants and contrast your waist details with your shoes or tie.

Unfortunately, most leather belts can be bulky and restrictive, given their rigid nature. In short, it can greatly improve your appearance, but you may become uncomfortable. It can be worse when the leather belt exerts a lot of pressure around your lower abdomen. The disturbance might ruin your look instead of improving it. 

The alternative is elastic stretch belts for men with a sleek and supple design. You can match the adjustable belt’s lightweight design with your outfit to elevate your style. And the best part is most of these stretch belts are made from recycled plastic bottles. So, they are sustainable as they help reduce plastic pollution. 

Put plainly, including elastic scratch belts in your men’s accessories collection elevates your style and the planet’s health to the next level.  

3. Tie Bar 

Another crucial piece of accessories for men is the tie bar. And it goes across the board, even to techies. Understandably, the techies’ casual look has been widely embraced in the corporate culture. But some occasions may require you to rock your suits and ties one in a while. 

Well, even Mark Zuckerberg rocks suits and ties once in a while. So bad he only rocks them when he’s facing trouble with House Committee. 

The tie bar holds your tie in just as the belt keeps your pants from falling. Again, it is the simple and subtle details that set you apart. Even in a crowd rocking the same outfits as suits in a wedding event, having a neat tie using the tie bar will make you look exclusive. 

There are different tie bars, from classic to quirky and fun. Picking a handful gives you more room and flexibility to bring a compelling style and appearance. Ensure your tie bar inventory has the perfect shades that can effortlessly pair with your suits. 

4. A Thin Slim Wallet

Let’s face it; walking with your pockets bulging with fat wallets or anything can be gross. Sling bags can handle any extra and unnecessary load in your pockets. 

But sometimes, you don’t even need the sling bags if it’s just a bunch of credits, business cards, and cash. Opting for a slim wallet can come in handy. Going for a slim wallet has health benefits. 

A medical report indicates that fat wallets can cause spine and associated problems, especially sitting on fat wallets. If you sit on a fat wallet, your pelvic and spine tilt to another side. Periodic tilting exerts stress on your spine and could lead to severe conditions like sciatica and painful nerve problems. 

So, a slim wallet will declutter your pocket and spine problems. 

5. Cufflinks

While it is a shame that most shirts come with borrowing and dull buttons, style is always brighter on the other side of button-less shirts. They offer you the great freedom of elevating small details to spruce up your overall style.

For an elegant appearance, we recommend going for elegant pieces of cufflinks. And again, play wrongly with the colors and style, and your appearance may look messy. So, while shopping for your cufflinks collection, you should be mindful of your accessories’ colors and style.

Your cufflink collection should be able to harmoniously match your tie bars, ties, belts, or pocket squares. And you should shop for these essential accessories physically. It will give you more freedom to gauge their design and whether they match your taste. 

  1. Pocket Square

We must admit that the pocket square is not a tiny detail as the cufflinks. But, they profoundly display your sense and knowledge of style. Technically, it’s your style’s mouthpiece. And boy, the best way to let it speak for you is by making it simple and subtle. 

The first thing to consider is the fold. Make it simple — three or two-point folds are enough. Next is the color choice bearing in mind the occasion you’re attending.

Let’s assume you’re rocking a navy blue suit for a wedding. It may be a little bit dull for a spring wedding. Opting for a yellow or floral pocket square can add a touch of brightness needed for a jubilant wedding occasion. 

So, your pocket squares should have simple folds and a mix of colors that matches the occasion.

Final Takeaway

We all have our favorite jeans, shirts, and suits. But nothing spruces up your entire style to a new level as accessories that you rock. We’ve shared some men’s accessories that can significantly turn your simple outlook into a stunning presentation. 

And since your image can determine your level of influence, rock your accessories like a King because you’re one in your domain. 

Remember, what we’ve shared is just a handful of men’s accessories to elevate your style. Other accessories like sunglasses and bags can also significantly impact your image when matched carefully with your outfit. 

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