4 Popular Styles of Men’s Polo Shirts

When it comes to men’s wardrobes, shirts are a total game-changer. Today there are thousands of unique styles of men’s fashion shirts available in the market. So, you can go ahead and pick new fashion shirts from the many options in the market. In case you aren’t sure what kind of men’s fashion shirts to go for, you can continue reading this blog and discover the most trending styles of shirts that can notch up your style game instantly.

However, when we talk about men’s fashion shirts, we tend to forget the significance it holds in history. In the late 1800s, shirts were only worn by the elite class and as an undergarment. Only the cuff and collar were supposed to be visible while the rest stayed hidden under waistcoats and vests. Later in the 1900s, men’s shirts became popular amongst the working class, and thus the term ‘white collar jobs’ was coined.

Now men’s fashion shirts have evolved, and they are available in colors and prints of sorts. You can have as many men’s fashion shirts in your wardrobe and yet fall short someday!

Be it a casual gathering or a formal one; there are men’s fashion shirts for all the occasions. So, to give you a brief idea about the new fashion shirts today, here are four types of men’s fashion shirts that you must have in your wardrobe:

  1. Polo shirts

Level up from the basic, wear a solid color polo shirt to look a class apart. One of the must-have men’s fashion shirts for both casual wear and more dressed-up occasions. The polo shirt is an absolute show stopper, a hybrid version of a simple round neck T-shirt; the polo shirt is an absolute show stopper!

Polos work well on various body shapes and come in a vast range of colors. As far as men’s fashion shirts go, this is one you don’t want to skip out on.

  1. Flannel shirts

Flannel shirts are classic ever-green ones as they never go out of style; take the expert’s advice and stock at least one of these men’s fashion shirts in your wardrobe. Warm and on-trend, flannel shirts add an air of comfortable manliness to any outfit. Whether you’re in the outdoors, working on your weekend project, or down at your local pub, you will find an uber-stylish men’s flannel shirt for the occasion.

Team your new fashion shirt with a plain tee and nice jeans or chino to slay!

  1. Cuban collar

The classic Cuban collar men’s fashion shirts are an artistic masterpiece. Light summery and breezy these shirts are a summer staple that has always looked good, and thanks to the current fifties-fashion revival, it’s trending at the moment too. The ‘Cuban’ part refers to the shirt’s open collar, making it ideal for putting some air on your chest for your inner Colombian drug lord. The typical Cuban collar shirt has a boxy fit, straight hem, and button-up front.

  1. Oxford button-down shirt

These men’s fashion shirts get the name from the Oxford cloth from which it’s cut. The Oxford shirt is a menswear essential that’s been serving as the core of many stylish outfits for well over 100 years. The fabric is quite thick compared to most others in shirting, giving it a casual yet elite edge. A button-down collar and hanger loop to the back of the yoke are common design traits that make this shirt easy to store.

If ever there was an official mandate type of men’s fashion shirt, the Oxford button-down shirt is it!

Moreover, if you’re on the lookout for a premium fashion brand with a good variety of men’s fashion shirts, you can explore Andamen. Their collection features the most superior quality formal and dress shirts for men crafted from the world’s finest cotton, the Egyptian Giza.

So, add quality fashion shirts to your wardrobe today!

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