The year 2020 portrayed an alter-dimension to our usual easy-going lives. Like the other side of the coin, this shadow of simple and happy inflicted upon us. Reflecting the phase of life that is not all about freedom and accessibility but about constraints and preservation too. This led to a major shift in people’s mindset and eroded the peace and calm they experienced. People experienced mental health issues in multi-folds as compared to previous years. Now that times are coming back close to what we imagined with the provisions of ‘new normal’ right in place, people are also experiencing themselves coming out of the shadow of depression. Cheers to all the people who fought through this and are back and thriving, they deserve all the happiness.

If your loved one faced the lash of the year or could use a bit of happiness this instant, give them the underwritten gifts and say the precious lines.

  • For someone who fought it alone

Lockdown led to restricting everyone in their homes. This keeping from the public led to anxiety and loneliness for many people. Bring back their happiness by gifting them an explosion box with the picture of all their loving friends and family members and tell them ‘We are all together.’

  • For someone who lost a year

The year led to some unexpected changes, probably in the history of many years. Joblessness and drop in education led to a dumbstruck environment. Order chocolate online and get it delivered to this friend of yours and slip a little note that says ‘Just like this parcel, opportunities will knock your door soon.’

  • For someone whose wedding was called off

One of the weirdest things was surely the cancellations of weddings. The ongoing preparations, the venue, the shoots all came at an unrealistic time. For such a friend who too faced a delay in their honeymoon period and is stressing over all possible things, sends a flower bouquet delivery. And write along with it ‘The one who catches the flower is the one to get married. Huh! Look at you holding the precious flowers’.

  • For someone who retired in lockdown

If your parents or grandparents retired during this period of lockdown, they must feel sad over no retirement party, considering how it was the biggest accomplishment of their lives. Send them a bunch of flower buds along with wine glasses or cupcakes and write ‘Welcome to the club of youth again dadu, here’s your glass’ or ‘like the flower bud you too will cherish once again and blossom to the maximum’.

  • For someone who broke up

If the long-distance didn’t work for one of your friends even if they live a few kilometres apart, they could use a shoulder to vent out on. Send them a cake of their favourite flavour with a photo of them being alone and their best self or a quote on top. Along with this write ‘You were the angel in his life, you were the angel, you still have the power’ or welcome to ‘Single’s club again’.

  • For someone who lost a job

Losing a job is possibly a toll taken on anyone’s mental health, especially in times when let alone luxury, affordability is at stake. To this friend who is still keeping up and staying tough, gift a notepad or a decent diary and say ‘Now is the time to pursue what’s in your heart, scribble it’ or ‘For your new job soon, here’s an early gift’.

Gestures like these go a long time, and especially when all the person needs right now is support and not opportunities. To restore your mental health, to living back in the day, thriving back to our feet, ‘we are back on.’

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