3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Business Contract Lawyer

If you are looking for equipment for your heavy equipment business try Surplus Database. Once you have the equipment you need you will want to grow your business. There are different ways you can reach heavy equipment customers and these ways are in a constant state of flux. How do you know when a new method is worth trying?

For one, you should be looking to trust a company that is experts in marketing. Find one that is constantly looking to innovate, test, and measure results. Below, you’ll find some of the methods that are working very well for a lot of heavy equipment dealers.

  1. Email

One of the things you should be doing is sending out emails routinely to all of your customers when you’re ready to sell or offer your services. Within the email, you want to include all of the relevant information about what you are offering from your equipment to the parts and more. You should be delivering your unique value proposition in these emails and give them an incentive to make their buying decision sooner rather than later.

Not everyone is going to open your emails. However, for 6 months, you’ll find that 80% of those you send your emails to will have opened at least one of them. Even if they’re a part of the 20% that doesn’t, they will continue to see your company’s branding which can act as a reminder for the next time they require what you offer.

A quality email contains relevant information that is properly written and specially designed. You also want it to be fully tested to ensure that it scales properly for every sized mobile device.

Ensure that you are adhering to all of the requirements set forth by the Canadian Anti-Spam Laws (CASL) whenever you are sending out emails. These laws cover any commercial message that is sent through digital formats. Thus, it includes text messages and emails. CASL gives you the ability to send out emails to those who have already opted into receiving emails from your business. Any customer that has purchased either a service or product from you within the last 2 years has been considered to have implied consent to receive marketing emails.

The key is to hire someone that is experienced in the field. You want to hire an expert that can help to make your emails look both professional and quality. You want someone also familiar with all of the legal requirements associated with sending out a commercial email to prevent you from running into easily preventable, yet costly mistakes.

  1. Identify The Online Visitors

You will want to integrate online tracking into your mix. There are plenty of website tracking programs that you can use which will tell you who visited your site and what pages they assessed. Once you receive the notification that someone has visited your site, you can figure out how you can help them by contacting them further.

You’ll want to include a form on your site that allows any visitor to fill out a contact form to request more information. You’ll find that automated messages can be sent out at specific times with content they need based on what they’ve visited on your site. These messages can include relevant information and they can be sent through text-based emails or they can be personalized by a salesperson.

  1. Monitoring Inbound Calls

You’ll find that the close rate for heavy equipment parts on inbound calls is much better when the calls are properly monitored. That way, you can figure out what parts sales reps are saying to the customer. The close rate can jump from 20 to 80% from this alone. There are a couple of changes in phrases along with better training that can make even more of a difference.

  1. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

You’ll want to integrate some type of customer satisfaction survey into your mix. You want to do this so you can have something that allows you to identify the problem quickly. That way, you can act on them. You can issue out timely phone surveys to figure out how recent customers feel about their purchases. This will give you information about what they think and some of the problems they ran into. You can turn an unsatisfied customer into one that is extremely happy with a simple survey and by solving their problem.

  1. Prospect Lists

When someone asks for a quote for what you are offering, you want to get all of their contact information that is needed. Try to contact them at their earliest convenience and establish a process that ensures that you can add these prospects to your lead and sales list for further selling.

  1. Company Materials

You’ll find that there are times in which a customer might not have access to the Internet yet they would like to see whether or not you have something you require. Because of this, you want to ensure that you are developing accessible brochures and make them readily available through your site and brick-and-mortar location.

  1. Video

You want to create videos because not only is it a great way to put your face to your brand’s name, but it can boost the traffic you can drive to your site. It will allow you to attract brand new customers and provide value to existing customers. Try to create videos that are professional-looking and sounding and ensure that they are positioning your brand in the right way.


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