Mobile Payments for GamStop Users: What Do You Need To Know

As a user of GamStop, you will have to deal with certain limitations when it comes to making casino payments. Thus, you need to know a few things about your limitations and the possible alternatives you can explore. Before you run through the restricted options and the available mobile payment options, here is why GamStop restriction is even a thing.

Gambling is a favourite pass-time activity for many people across the globe. From professionals to everyday people, the primary aim of gambling remains the same; winning. However, people often get addicted to staking money or other valuable items for a potentially greater reward. This is why the UK has GamStop; to help people with gambling problems. Once you register with GamStop, you will not get a chance to play any casino game or gamble at a GamStop casino for a set period of time. However, there are non GamStop casinos where some customers can play while on self-exclusion.

Some Payments May Be Restricted

Using a non GamStop casino is a big relief for players under the GamStop self-exclusion program. Once you are on a casino that isn’t under the UKGC, you can gamble anytime you want without any hindrances. However, payments may be a problem. Non-Gametop casinos suffer payment restrictions which may cause difficulties when you try to deposit or withdraw.

All hope isn’t lost, however. It turns out that just as some payment methods will not work for GamStop customers, there are a few others that work smoothly. Before you explore the options that are open to customers like you, below are the unavailable payment methods:


If swift transactions are what a player wants, then PayPal may be the first option that comes to mind. However, this E-wallet has a few restrictions in place when it comes to gambling. PayPal doesn’t offer its payment services to casinos that are not under the UKGC. However, you will find some good non GamStop PayPal alternatives at CasinoGap. This means that once you have registered as a GamStop customer, you forfeit the privilege of accessing PayPal as a payment method.

Pay by Mobile

GamStop customers who wish to gamble with Pay By Mobile will not have access to the payment service. Despite how many gamblers can make deposits using the Pay By Mobile platform, only casinos registered with the UKGC offer this payment option.  Thus, once you have signed up for self-exclusion, you can’t access any service that is offered to non GamStop users on UKGC casinos, including Pay by Mobile.

Available Mobile Payments

GamStop users who wish to gamble again may have to wait till the end of their self-exclusion period. Usually, you will have to choose a fixed time-frame that you are comfortable with for your self-exclusion.  However, if you are a user of GamStop and you want to gamble using a non GamStop casino, there is a long list of payment options that you can use.


Whether you play at a UKGC licensed site or any other online casino, one payment method that you will likely find is card payments. There are so many brands of debit or credit cards out there that casinos accept. However, Amex, Visa, and Mastercard are the most popular card options that you can use at a casino. To get an Amex, Visa, or Mastercard, you can consult your bank and make a request. Once you have obtained your bank card, you can select card payment as your preferred option when making a deposit. Also, withdrawal is possible when you use any of these cards.

Wire Transfers

No matter where you choose to gamble from as a GamStop customer, you can choose wire transfer as a payment method. The upside to using this payment method is that it doesn’t have any restrictions and has no business with the UKGC. However, not every casino allows wire transfer as a withdrawal method, even if it works for deposit. Thus, it would help if you investigated how wire transfers work in your chosen online casino.


If you haven’t heard about crypto as a payment method in online casinos, it is most likely because this transaction method is pretty recent. There are several cryptocurrencies to choose from, but you will mostly find bitcoin as an available option. Using crypto as a GamStop customer comes with plenty of advantages and no restrictions. While customers who use other payment methods may have to suffer annoying payment caps, you will be allowed to spend even more money gambling and claim more wins.

No third-parties and regulatory bodies are watching your crypto transactions, so you don’t need to worry about anyone tracking your casino transactions. If you wish to withdraw your winnings, crypto also supports such transactions. So, you can get your casino wins into your bitcoin wallet instead of using another payment method.

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