Most Expensive BMX Bikes in the World

BMX bikes are the love of many of us. When we embrace our interest in mini bmx bikes, we always try to have the maximum information about different aspects of it. When we look for different aspects of the BMX bikes, one question always come in our mind, “What are the most expensive BMX bikes in the world?” Even if we don’t have the budget or anywhere near to it, we still want to the answer to this question. It is true that higher price doesn’t always guarantee higher quality but most of the time it does.

Here, we are going to give you information about the current most expensive BMX bikes in the world. We will check their offering and if they are certainly a good investment.

1. WeThePeople Envy BMX Bike

The bikes made by “WeThePeople” or WTP are always in the list of most expensive BMX bikes. They are the makers of highest quality BMX bikes for a long time. They are designing bikes in different executive categories like Icon series, Pro series, Elite series, Alpha series, and the Special series. The bike we are talking about is the “Envy BMX Bike” which is at the top of the Elite series by WTP. The frame of Envy has been developed with high-quality material, with high-tensile Sanko tubeset with dual gussets and integrated chain tensioners.

Its forks and bars are also manufactured in the same delicate way just like the frame. There are no new named parts on this bike like many other brands do. It is designed just like a concept car by top manufacturers where they give black check the designers. The manufacturer of the Envy BMX bike doesn’t care about the price of it, they are just concerned with design delicacies unlike other BMX bike brands.

Price: $1550

2. Sunday Soundwave Special BMX Bike

Sunday Soundwave BMX Bike doesn’t have many matches in the BMX world. This brand is famous for the framset of bikes which is widely regarded as second to none. After spending a lot on frame quality, they then go for big name parts like Odyssey. It has been a great opponent for best most expensive BMX bikes spot for a long time now and occupies second position. This Special BMX bike is famous for its quality, and enduring structure. It takes full advantage of other BMX parts from renamed brands.

It is sold with an Odyssey Clutch V2 freecoaster hub which is not preferred by every rider so you should have look at this before going for one. The best thing about this bike is that it gives you the required room to customize the parts as much as you want. It helps you riding in different type of versatile terrains to enable you becoming a great BMX rider. The features like its pedaling, beautiful design and ability to perform on versatile terrains make it a great BMX bike.

Price: $1435

3. WeThePeople Battleship Freecoaster BMX Bike

Another great bike from WTP, it is again a member of the Elite series by the manufacturer. Don’t ever think that Envy and Battleship Freecoaster have the same manufacturer so they are similar, no they are very different bikes. The design of this bike suits different type of riders. Unlike the previous versions, WTP have decided to skip the need to buy expensive parts and built the complete bike themselves. You can also get a full aftermarket pro parts package.

Battleship Freecoaster is best suitable for BMX street riders which isn’t a surprise considering the name of this bike. This bike features a SaltPlus Warlock chain and a chain guard around the sprocket giving it a near immortal status. Even the hardest pro riders can take the bike to extreme limits and it will still give them a great show with no problems. You just need to go through its specifications and you will find what they are charging the amount for.

Price: $1430

4. WeThePeople Revolver Bike

Another great bike from “WeThePeople” which isn’t a surprise, that’s why it has the 4th spot in this list. If the goal is to produce highest quality bikes than they are doing pretty good at it. You can use the WTP Revolver bike at variety of surfaces which is a great advantage of this BMX bike. It is specifically designed to give you excellent performance on dirt but equally effective when you ride it on flatland. It has the ability to quickly adjust to your style, demands, and requirements.

The Revolver Bike features an Eclat Pulse Hubs Frame and bar and take a huge advantage out of it. It also features Overbite tires that are famous for their endurance. These tires can endure rough and extended riding sessions without losing the overall integrity of the bike. The bike also offers a compact headset and CNC Patrol Stem that improves its design and capabilities to great extent.

Price: $1430

5. Subrosa x Shadow BMX Bike

If you want to have a great example of collaboration between brands, this is the one for you. Shadow and Subrosa are both highly requested brands as they both make complete BMX bikes for pro riders. Subrosa has its main focus on producing great bikes and frames while shadow mainly focuses on BMX parts. It is a common practice among the BMX brands to use third party parts for improved products. In the same way, both the companies have joined hands to produce such an amazing product.

Considering this bike, these two BMX brands have managed to get everything spot on. With one’s great frame, and the other’s parts, they have produced a product worth its high price. This bike features an exclusive frame and forks with other quality parts. Some other great parts contributing to this bike are the chain and its top load stem. The bike has a beautiful saddle as well which is perhaps not the most important part but definitely worth considering.

Price: $1220

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