Motorcycle models we are dying to ride in 2021

As we continue to move further into 2021, more and more exciting new motorcycle models are being released.

Whether you’re most interested in the Harley Davidson Trike 2021 lineup or the new releases of Harley Davidson Street 2021 models, there’s something to get any motorcyclist delighted.

Here are just some of the new 2021 Harley Davidson motorcycles that are sure to get you excited to get out on the road.

Harley Davidson Trike 2021

Designed with some innovative features that ensure an enjoyable riding experience, the Harley Davidson Trike 2021 models are sure to get motorcycle enthusiasts interested in trying out a three-wheeler.


An exciting Harley Davidson Trike 2021 offering is the Freewheeler. A stripped-down hot rod cruiser with raw attitude and the confidence of three wheels, this trike features a twin-cooled Milwaukee-eight 114 engine.

The reflex linked Brembo brakes with standard ABS provide greater rider control when braking, while the high-performance suspension is calibrated specifically for trike models, delivering a smooth and responsive ride.

12-inch mini-ape handlebars pull the hand control back toward the rider and reduce the force it takes to turn the front wheel for easy riding and handling.

Tri Glide Ultra

A long haul touring trike with unmistakable style and precision-cooled power, the Tri Glide Ultra features a twin-cooled Milwaukee-eight 114 engine.

The boom box GTS infotainment system is designed with an exceptional interface experience that offers a contemporary look, feel and function. With high durability and features designed specifically for motorcycling, the infotainment system will help enhance the rider’s interaction with the bike and connectivity.

Reflex linked Brembo brakes with standard ABS are designed to help prevent the wheels from locking under braking to assist the rider in maintaining control when braking in a straight line. The ABS operates independently on front and rear brakes to keep the wheels rolling and help prevent uncontrolled wheel lock in urgent situations.

The 6-speed cruise drive transmission provides smooth, quiet shifting, and reduces engine speed on the highway so you get a better match between engine RPM and road speed.

CVO Tri Glide

For the ultimate in riding comfort, the CVO Tri Glide comes with premium tour features and chrome accessories, and a Milwaukee-eight twin-cooled 117 engine which gives this trike some real power on the road.

Features of this model are designed to ensure an enjoyable ride including the Boom box GTS infotainment system and Wireless Boom audio 30K Bluetooth™ headset that let you call hands-free on your Bluetooth™ mobile phone, listen to stereo music or voice instructions of GPS navigation and have intercom conversations with your passenger or fellow riders.

Also with LED lighting, including headlamp, fog lamps, tail and brake lights and signals, so you can safely keep on riding into the evening.

Harley Davidson Street 2021

Street motorcycle models have long been a favourite amongst motorcyclists, and with their powerful engines, standout design features and modern innovations, the Harley Davidson Street 2021 models do not disappoint.

Iron 1200

Well equipped to take on the urban grid with blacked-out finishes from its powertrain to its air cleaner cover to its exhaust, the Iron 1200 is designed with a chopper profile with the power to go beyond city limits. The 1200cc Evolution engine delivers tons of torque for an unforgettably fun ride every time.

Authentic 70s inspired tank art shows off the bike’s retro roots. While the seat design pays homage to the heritage of the iconic Cafe Racer style, the Cafe solo seat allows you to sit in the bike while your hands and feet reach naturally to the controls.

Black mini-ape handlebars provide conservative rise and bend for rider comfort, and the 9-spoke cast aluminium wheels complement the dark custom look.

Iron 883

The 883cc air-cooled evolution engine of the Iron 883 motorcycle runs hard and rides smoothly for thousands of miles so you can just worry about enjoying the ride.

Designed with authentic Harley Davidson style with a blacked-out look and street inspired paintwork. The chopped fenders show off a little rubber and black front forks with gaiters to add a little old-school nostalgia.

The low seat and slammed suspension provides additional comfort and confidence for riders of all sizes and experience.

The tuck and roll seat design of this Harley Davidson Street 2021 model is inspired by the early days of the bobber, while the drag-style handlebar puts you in a forward aggressive riding position.


The Forty-eight features the iconic v-twin 1200cc air-cooled evolution engine renowned for its massive low-end torque and satisfying rumble. The addition of lightweight aluminium heads and cylinders improve air-cooling efficiency for a comfortable ride.

The fat front wheel gives the bike a dominating presence up front and provides a smooth ride and solid handling. A set of hardcore rims with added machined highlights set off the design, built of lightweight cast aluminium so the ride feels light and nimble.

Foundation brake system, innovative and high-performing, giving riders more confidence on the road as well as more power and predictability when squeezing the brakes. The 49mm front fork is accentuated by massive triple clamps and fork brace with added cartridge damping technology to keep handling crisp and confident.

An iconic 2.1 gallon fuel tank adds to the machine’s low, powerful bulldog look while showing off the solid mass of the engine and the rawboned style of the lean Sportster frame.

Harley Davidson Softail 2021

With many Harley Davidson Softail 2021 models being released, these are just a few from the lineup that will appeal to any motorcyclist.

Low Rider S

The Milwaukee-eight 114 engine of the Low Rider S provides loads of torque, whether taking off from stoplights or hitting the highway.

Mono-shock rear suspension and an inverted front fork allow for dynamic cornering capabilities, quicker acceleration and improved braking and handling performance throughout your ride.

Raised controls are the defining element of the tall-bike style, putting you in an aggressive riding position, while the blacked-out finishes give a raw dark look to this cruiser.

Fat Bob 114

A street-eater with an appetite for power, the Fat Bob 114 is built with muscular style and performance.

The Milwaukee-eight big twin-engine is powerful and cool-running with crisp throttle response, while dual-disc front brakes keep the powerful engine in check when you need to.

Cast wheels with fat, aggressive tyres provide excellent traction and the LED lighting provides great visibility for evening rides, while the inverted race-style fork technology, with single-cartridge, improves responses to steering input and braking and handling performance.

Softail Slim

The Softail Slim features a powerful Milwaukee-eight big twin-engine with crisp throttle response and a pleasing rumble. Riders will enjoy a responsive ride thanks to the classic softail frame and lightweight design.

This model offers vintage Harley Davidson style with a classic look of spoked wheels, chopped fenders and Hollywood handlebars with a blend of dark and polished finishes. The low-slung tuck and roll seat matches the bike’s clean, back to basics attitude.

Signature LED forward lighting gives great visibility at night, while the high-performance rear suspension provides the performance of racing-style cartridge fork for reduced weight with linear damping characteristics.

Breakout 114

A muscular modern chopper, the 3.5 gallon tank of the Breakout 114 accentuates the powerful Milwaukee-eight big twin engine.

The classic softail frame, combined with a lightweight design and stiffness ensure that this bike offers a responsive ride, while the high-performance front suspension and rear mono-shock ensure dynamic cornering.

The digital riser gauge is set close to your field of vision for an easy view of the speed readout, fuel gauge and gear indicator.

The muscular 240mm rear tyre of this Harley Davidson Softail 2021 model is the embodiment of classic drag bike heritage.

For a closer look at the new 2021 Harley Davidson models, visit us at Harley Heaven.

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