Do you want to grow your business? Are you planning to generate more leads and grab the attention of new clients? If yes, then the best way to lead more and more sales is by taking advantage of lead generating tools.

In the modern era, several lead-generating tools have made things a lot easier for business owners. They can now quickly expand their businesses and grab more clients’ attention by taking advantage of these lead generating tools.

If you are searching for the best lead generating tool, search no more. Here we will discuss one of the best Lead Beagle lead generation tools for google sheets to promote your business and get connected with new customers. I am talking about none other than Lead Beagle.

What is a Lead Beagle?

Lead Badge is a fantastic lead generating tool that allows you to generate more sales. You can use this tool straight from your spreadsheet, making it the best tool for Google Sheets.

It is a well-known fact that LinkedIn is the most significantly used social media platform. Nearly 80% of the B2B leads are generated from LinkedIn. Either you do growth hacking for a startup or do LinkedIn prospecting with an organization, generating leads is never easy.

That’s where Lead Beagle comes into play. As a business owner, you can strengthen your lead generation using this tool for Google sheets. It allows you to generate more sales and professionally grow your business.

Lead Beagle as a LinkedIn Search Tool

Lead Beagle has also gained a significant reputation for being the best LinkedIn search tool. Using this growthhacking tool, you can explore several LinkedIn profiles through keywords, company names, look up emails, and company domains. The best thing about this tool is that all this research is anonymous, and you don’t even need a LinkedIn account to perform these tasks.

If you are well aware of using the LinkedIn sales navigator and are fine with indirect profile URLs, the tool will provide you with search results, and you don’t need anyone’s help. However, if you want to get direct LinkedIn profile links, you will need a tool such as Lead Beagle’s LinkedIn search by company or LinkedIn search by keywords.

Furthermore, if you want to connect with people on LinkedIn, you can do that through manual outreach or LinkedIn automation tools. To get associated with people on LinkedIn, you will need their profile URLs. That’s where Lead Beagle can serve the purpose. Using Lead Beagle’s LinkedIn search by name tool, you can quickly explore anyone’s LinkedIn profile, company, and job title.

Explore More Details Using Lead Beagle

Apart from the things discusses above, the tool also helps you perform several other daily tasks such as:

  • Finding work emails using Email Finder
  • Extend or validate LinkedIn leads with external data sources using profile enrichment.
  • Search for corporate domains using the company URL lookup tool

You don’t need any third-party account or keys. All the essential tools are available in the Lead Beagle add-on.

Why Lead Beagle?

You might be wondering that with plenty of other lead generation tools available, why should I go for Lead Beagle? Well, there are plenty of good reasons that will encourage you to choose Lead Beagle, among other options.

Let’s discuss some of the features of Lead Beagle.

  • Anonymous and Risk-Free

Using the Lead Beagle search tool, you can explore hundreds of LinkedIn profiles with one click and that too with no risks involved at all. There are no chances of your account getting blocked. The best thing is that you don’t even need a LinkedIn account to perform all these operations. In addition to that, this tool is anonymous by design, which means no one can reach you, no matter what activities you are performing.

  • Allows Real-time Bulk Search

The entire data collected using this tool is collected in real-time, and it is completely relevant and accurate. The data is the same as on a person’s LinkedIn profile page.

  • No need for Technical Skills

Lead Beagle is super easy to use. It does not require any technical skills to be implemented. Anyone can use this tool straight through their Google Sheets. You won’t be asked to share any spreadsheets, connect to any API or upload CSV files.

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