Natural Ingredients That Are Good for the Skin

Your skin is indeed a unique organ that protects your body from the elements and during a person’s lifetime, their skin has to ensure many years of wear and tear. Of course, skin replenishes itself, with dead skin cells being replaced by new ones and with advances in science, we now know of many natural substances that promote health skin. Here are some of the commonly used natural ingredients that you will find in premium skin creams.

Coconut Oil – This is the most versatile of all natural elements that are good for the skin; coconut oil can be administered topically and can also be ingested. Applying coconut oil to your skin helps to remove dead skin cells, while also providing essential moisturisation and the oil is a great antibiotic, removing bacteria that clogs the pores of the skin. Coconut oil is often found in shampoo and conditioner, as it is very good for the hair and some swear by ingesting a tablespoonful of pure coconut oil every day. Indeed, dentists recommend swilling a mouthful of coconut oil every morning, which has amazing health benefits!

Tea Tree Oil – Asian women have been using tea tree oil for many years, as a cleanser and anti-acne treatment with no side effects. Now the secret is out and many brand name skincare products contain tea tree oil, so keep an eye out for this. This oil is a good anti-inflammatory agent, as well as having anti-fungal properties; tea tree oil is a great skin cleanser and is found in many skin creams.

Grape Seed Oil – This oil is extracted from the grape seed after the wine-making process has been completed and is commonly used in anti-aging treatment with wrinkle creams and other serums. Grape seed oil is high in antioxidants and contains linoleic acid, which helps to combat acne and when applied to the skin, it leaves no residue. This magical oil also promotes collagen production, which is great for generating skin cell creation.

Rose Water – This is a healthy and aromatic extract of the rose, which is wonderful as a skin cleanser, hence it is found in most natural moisturisers and cleansers. It nourishes the skin with high vitamin content and can be used liberally. If you have noticed a few wrinkles appearing on your face and neck, search online for a personalised skincare treatment. Talk directly to a qualified dermatologist via a video call and they will prepare a special prescription cream designed specifically for you and with one-on-one guidance, your skin will soon be revitalised.

Argan Oil – This one is highly regarded for promoting healthy skin, as it is rich in Vitamin E and contains fatty acids, which are great for the epidermis. This natural product can reduce lines and wrinkles and is often added to a prescription cream put together by a dermatologist, whom you can find with a Google search. Click here for health tips from the professionals.

Apple Cider Vinegar – We all know how healthy apple cider vinegar is, which is high in acetic acid, making for a very effective skin cleanser. Used in the fight against acne, apple cider vinegar can also be ingested and it helps to detox the liver.

Coffee Beans – You might not be aware the coffee is good for your skin, with a very high content of antioxidants, higher even than green tea! This is blended into anti-aging cream to promote collagen production, so don’t be surprised when you see ‘coffee beans’ in the ingredient list.

The world has wised up when it comes to only using health products that contain 100% natural ingredients and when you are searching online for skincare treatment, look for a company that offers prescription treatments, which are created specifically for you and with professional guidance, your skin will reap the many benefits. Avoid the sun when possible and apply skin cream as per the instructions and do make sure that all skincare products that you use contain 100% natural ingredients and you can’t really go wrong.

Here is some information from the Australian FDA regarding the approval of medications, which is a recommended read for all.

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