Natural Makeup Is the Hottest Beauty Trend: Here's Why

Did you know that in the Middle Ages, women swallowed arsenic to improve their complexion? Luckily, this dangerous fad passed long ago, but many people still use harmful beauty practices in the name of looking good.

Thankfully, natural makeup and skincare are having a surge in popularity, and it looks like the trend is here to stay. This means you can look great and keep your skin healthy.

Keep reading to find out why natural skincare is the hottest beauty trend and how it can benefit you and your skin.

It Takes Pressure of the Idea of Perfection

Perhaps it’s the video chats and social isolation that are making people crave natural-looking faces. Or, it could be a rebellion against technology and its beautifying filters and blurring techniques.

Either way, natural is back and heavy coverage is a thing of the past. Seeing bare and fresh skin is the hot new trend.

It’s freeing to feel that modern beauty standards are no longer demanding perfection!

It Keeps Your Skin Healthy

By embracing natural beauty you are taking care of your skin. The trend focuses on using quality skincare products that enhance your skin’s natural self-regulatory process and cell production.

By choosing makeup according to your skin type you are selecting products that work for you, not the masses.

It’s great to start with the basics. By choosing a natural face cleanser you keep your face clean and fresh. The perfect blank canvas!

It’s Free From Harmful Chemicals

We all know it’s important to put healthy foods into our bodies, so why wouldn’t we do the same when it comes to makeup for our skin?

Healthy skincare routines begin with healthy products. Natural skincare products use essential oils, vegetable extracts, and raw plant materials instead of chemicals that can harm your skin.

It’s Good for the Environment

Toxic chemicals and microbeads found in makeup are harmful to the environment. Products with natural and organic ingredients can reduce pesticides and harmful toxins being released back into the planet.

By using fewer products that are of better quality, you are creating less packaging waste. It’s a better choice for your skin and the environment.

It Embraces Your Quirks

Everyone’s skin is different. Bodies of all sizes are being embraced in the media, and now your skin is also being heralded as a symbol of your uniqueness.

Freckles, moles, bumps, and scars are all quirks that make you an individual. The natural makeup trend cherishes these differences instead of trying to erase them.

It Shows off Your Emotions

When you wear natural make-up you don’t cover over your fine lines or pigmentation. This means your subtle expressions and natural flushing can be seen more clearly.

Humans create bonds with one another by reading facial expressions. By embracing natural make-up and skincare you are opening yourself up to new connections!

Ready to Embrace Natural Skincare?

Natural makeup has a whole host of benefits for you, your skin, and the environment. It’s the perfect choice if you’ve had it with unrealistic beauty standards and are ready to embrace your skin’s unique quirks.

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