When you become part of the Jeep community, you start learning all the neat little things they do that they call Easter eggs. Easter eggs are nice little touches that give Jeeps their personality, and they’re fun to find whether it’s on your vehicle or someone else’s. So, if you’re new to the Jeep community, here are some examples of Jeep Easter eggs to help you learn more about the brand and where to find them!

What are Jeep “Easter Eggs?”

For a long time, Jeep manufacturers have had hidden features and messages in their vehicles. These are called Easter Eggs. The first recorded example of an Easter egg was way back in 1979 when Atari Inc., creators of Pong, included a hidden message on the game’s boot screen that read Created by Atarisoft. Today, many automakers have been hiding these little gems all over their cars and trucks for years. Some familiar places where you might find an Easter egg include under the hood, under a seat, behind or inside any panel, or even inside the glove box!

But these Easter eggs can be more difficult to spot on one Jeep than on another. On newer Jeeps, there is usually only one place to look: behind the steering wheel. Older Jeeps may have as many as five spots from which an Easter egg could hide! Check between the dashboard, front seats, and the storage compartment. If you still can’t find it after searching high and low for your favorite brand of gas station cookie dough ice cream bars with marshmallow topping, then maybe it’s not there.

Characteristics of Jeep Easter Eggs

Hidden in plain sight

You’d be amazed to find a Jeep easter egg hidden in many places that don’t seem to have anything to do with Jeeps. Or you’ll get them hidden in plain sight, where you’ve never bothered to look. And as we all know, seeing is believing!

Responsive design

Jeep Easter eggs are not exclusive to just cars and their parts. Jeep Easter eggs are everywhere, from video games and digital advertisements to music videos and magazine covers. They may take time and patience but once found, and you can share them with your friends on social media or make them part of your collection!

Fun and jokes

Sometimes the jeep easter eggs communicate a fun message. Other times a joke. Depending on the brand you choose to buy, you might locate a variety of easter eggs conveying different emotions.

The history of Jeep easter eggs

Jeep Easter eggs are particular features or references hidden within Jeep vehicles. Some believe that the first easter egg was placed in a 1941 Willys MB, which featured a hand-painted message on the instrument panel that read Have a Happy Day! But in reality, the first Jeep easter egg came out in 1997. It was the brainchild of Michael Santoro, who wanted to leave his mark on the Wrangler redesign. Since then, manufacturers have kept up the practice of hiding these little treats for their customers. There are many different kinds, too: some can be found through codes and others through visual cues like symbols or text messages. You can find these little treats inside the Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Renegade, and Jeep Grand Wagoneer. These steady designs are exclusive to particular models, and Jeep loyalists can enjoy discovering these intriguing Jeep Easter egg examples.

Jeep Easter egg examples

For those new to the Jeep community, here are some Jeep Easter egg examples:

  • Some Jeeps have a “Have a Nice Day” sticker on the back window. This is another nod to Jeep’s military roots – it was once an official motto of the United States Marine Corps. These stickers are available for purchase online or through your local dealership.
  • For more than 25 years, Jeep has partnered with The Mamas & The Papas to raise money for UNICEF to support children’s education initiatives. This phrase is written in gold letters on the side panel above the driver’s door, but only if you have a Wrangler Rubicon or Unlimited Sahara model with Dark Olive Green paint color (the international Jeep Green).
  • Jeep has also partnered with Playboy for several years now. You can find a Playboy logo on all soft-top Wrangler models, but you have to look in just the right place – it’s only visible from outside a vehicle when light hits it at just that right angle!
    The grille icon appears on several areas of your Jeep. Check your stereo speakers or rearview mirror housing to locate this bad boy.
  • This one is a true testament to Jeep’s military heritage and shows that they’re all about their fans (but only on select models). If you have a Wrangler Rubicon or Unlimited Sahara model, you can find an Officer emblem on your glove box door – in recognition of those in our Armed Forces who keep us safe.
  • You can see it from outside your vehicle, but only in certain lighting conditions and only if you’re looking for it! With Wrangler models, you’ll find a square logo on each tailgate emblem – with that symbol being a four-leaf clover (or shamrock) designed after a WW2 American Army unit patch worn by members of The Three Musketeers. It’s also known as The Four Horsemen. This is also available on several other models made after 1997, so keep an eye out for it on those as well!


Surprised that you’ve never spotted a Jeep Easter egg before? Well, there are many easter eggs in different locations. Besides, the enhanced day design makes it more difficult to trace these little treats compared to the conventional Wrangler. The Jeep community is large and passionate, with a shared love for all things Jeep. This extends to a love of finding and hiding little Easter eggs in Jeep vehicles. The next time you’re out on a trail or driving around, see if you can spot any of these easter eggs!

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