Crypto vs Cash - Potential Substitutes

The efficiency, transparency, and ease with which people can use digital currency has given it the much-needed push. Leaders of various industries have shown interest in cryptocurrency. This has led to an increase in its popularity all over the world. Nowadays, many sectors are gradually warming up to the idea of cryptocurrency and hundreds of companies and businesses globally have accepted it as an eligible mode of payment. This is the reason the cryptocurrency market is exploding.

Cryptocurrency has recently been endorsed by many influential people. This has validated its legibility. However, it is understandable that you might have questions regarding how the whole thing works. Additionally, to start investing carefully and wisely so that you can maximize your profit, it is crucial to understand each aspect of buying and selling cryptocurrency properly.

The basic system which bitcoin uses is the blockchain. Each blockchain has a specific limit and contains a certain quantity of cryptocurrency. Blockchain is encrypted and completely secure. In the case of trading, the crypto inside each blockchain can be used. To trade in cryptocurrency, one has to use a wallet.

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Just like any other wallet, a crypto wallet acts as a place where you can keep your digital assets. This means that a cryptocurrency wallet stores the keys to the various transactions that you make. These private keys are, in reality, the passwords through which you can access the cryptocurrencies that you own. Wallets are an important part of the transactional process in dealing cryptocurrency.

Coming to the importance of wallets, one cannot use cryptocurrency without a wallet. It is the one most important thing. However, the wallet does not contain the cryptocurrency that you own. That exists in the blockchain only. The wallet contains important information about the accessibility of the cryptocurrency. Therefore, without a wallet, one cannot start trading crypto. There are various types of crypto wallets such as Hardware Wallets and Online Wallets. It depends on the individual what kind suits their purpose the best. However, online wallets such as bitcoin loophole UK can provide more security.

Coming to the main question, do you need a new wallet for every new currency you are getting? The answer is no. You don’t need to have separate wallets for separate currencies. But, it is better to equally divide your holdings in separate wallets. Here are a few reasons why –

  1. To be organised – Every time you get a new cryptocurrency, you will inevitably be subjected to a new set of information and keys. Putting each one into a new wallet helps it to be more organised.
  2. To avoid confusion – Trading or dealing in cryptocurrency can get real confusing at times. You might notice a market trend for one of the currencies you own and while you have to look through your wallet to find the appropriate key, the value can go down. This can make you lose opportunities for maximizing your profit. In these cases, different wallets help by fastening up the transactions.
  3. Wallet rules – Although most cryptocurrency wallets allow its users to keep different sorts of cryptocurrencies, some might have restrictions. There are certain apps and websites which allow only Bitcoins and a few others which might allow just the leading cryptocurrencies.
  4. Increased Security – Putting different crypto in different wallets has also been proven to be more secure. Behind this is the same logic as to why one shouldn’t invest all their money in one stock. If you keep all your coins in one wallet, it increases your chance at losing them, if it is hacked.


Cryptocurrency is a lucrative field and trading has serious prospects. But at the same time, it is crucial to understand the risks. It helps a person to assess the situation beforehand and take steps to be more secure. Having your crypto divided in different wallets makes it safer and easier at the same time.

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