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Medical care is made more affordable by Medicaid, a social welfare program. The process of applying for Medicaid can be quite intimidating, and it may seem like there is an infinite amount of paperwork involved.

For New York residents who need Medicaid, a few important steps are involved in the application process. We’ve compiled these steps into an easy-to-follow guide below.

New York State Medicaid Application Process

Step 1:  Medicaid Eligibility Check

Medicaid is a program that provides medical cover to low-income individuals and families who entirely depend on their income. New York State Medicaid applications can only be processed if your application meets the eligibility criteria for the program, which will consider certain factors about you and your family. An expert from KTS Pooled Trust can help you navigate this important step.

Step 2: Gather Supporting Documents

The first step in applying for New York State Medicaid is to gather all your supporting documents. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Social Security cards for all applicants and other household members.
  • Immigration document(s), such as a permanent resident card or visa stamp, for non-U.S.-born applicants and other non-U.S.-born household members.
  • Proof that each applicant and household member is a New York State resident (for example, a current utility bill).
  • Proof of income received by each applicant and household member (for example, pay stubs or an award letter).
  • Proof of any assets held by each applicant and household member (for example, bank account statements).

You can find a complete list of these documents by visiting the New York State Department of Health website.

Step 3: Find Your Local Medicaid Office

First, you’ll need to identify the New York state Medicaid office in your county that handles Medicaid applications. Typically there will be a website or hotline number available.

Step 4: Fill Out an Application

You can print off an application online or go to a local New York state Medicaid office to pick up one. Carefully fill it out and ensure that all information is accurate and complete. Incomplete applications are returned, which can lead to delays in processing.

Step 5: Wait on Your Determination Letter

Receiving a Medicaid determination letter is the last step in enrolling in this important health insurance program. This letter will tell you if your application was approved or denied. If it’s rejected, there’s no need to worry. You can file an appeal and receive a fair hearing for reconsideration.

If the New York state Medicaid office approves your application, you’ll receive information on your benefits, primary care provider (PCP), and managed care plan. It’s up to you to choose a managed care plan and choose a doctor from the list of PCPs provided by that plan.


Medicaid is a vital part of healthcare in the United States, and it includes numerous steps than can go far in making sure that those who need this type of care can receive it. Hopefully, these tips will help anyone apply for Medicaid or plan to use Medicaid in the future.

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