IPX (for example Line Friends) and blockchain service platform PlayDapp have signed a strategic MOU(memorandum of understanding). Through the article, he said, “We will launch a full-fledged digital IP entertainment business based on Metaverse & NFT by conducting various collaborations around our digital IP generation platform ‘FRENZ’ that will be officially introduced earlier this year.” There are several reasons why this combination is receiving great attention.

IPX” is a new name for “LINE FRIENDS,” which is already very familiar to us and very popular other countries besides Korea, with the dual meaning of “IP eXperience,” which means providing various IP experiences and “Impressive Present eXperience,” which means unforgettable gifts.

IPX’s characters have been conducting various collaborations, starting with the original character “LINE Friends” In particular, collaboration with celebrities is notable, and character businesses such as “BT21,” a collaboration character with BTS, and “WDZY,” a collaboration character with ITZY, are expanding.

In particular, the character IP business has gained great recognition not only online and offline but also overseas, so it is very encouraging to enter the metaverse business.

PlayDapp is a DApp(Decentralized Applicatio) game portal that provides NFT marketplace services as well as launching multi-homeming games that can move and use various platforms such as “Cryptodoser” and “Along with the Gods” based on blockchain technology.

It is a company that is drawing attention not only in Korea but also abroad because it has already accumulated various cases and experiences using blockchain. It has already been the only blockchain team in Korea to be listed on Binance, the world’s largest exchange, and Upbit, Coinbase, proving its competitiveness.

While many projects aim to be listed and have shown little progress since then, it seems that they have met the standards of the largest exchanges with tricky tastes.

An IPX official said, “With this strategic business agreement with PlayDapp, we will expand our activities by NFTing our IPs and linking them to blockchain games to build a new ‘digital IP entertainment business’ model.”

The popularization of NFT and Metaverse platforms is expected to accelerate as NFT and Metaverse platforms are becoming more concrete through partnerships and business agreements. I’m looking forward to how various services and platforms will change in the future.

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