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In recent years, solid oak furniture has made a comeback. Indeed, their solidity, their robustness and their revisited design make them essential elements of a warm and lively home.

The advantages and disadvantages of solid oak

The use of solid oak furniture gives a fabulous character to a room, without needing to be colored. Varnishing them can often suffice to give them the desired shine and aesthetics.

The resistance of solid oak undeniably makes it another asset when it comes to decorating your home over time. Indeed, well maintained, these pieces of furniture are passed down from generation to generation.

However, not all solid woods are created equal. Depending on the species used, it is recommended to treat the wood throughout its life (with linseed oil for example) because it needs to be nourished and protected to keep its beauty. Over time, cracks may appear: this comes from the aging of the wood, nothing will be able to prevent this natural material from aging. Often, moreover, it suits him very well and it is a guarantee of authenticity!

The use of solid wood in the furnishings of a room gives it a very refined and natural feel. In addition, depending on the colors and finishes offered, we can find furniture for all tastes. However, to obtain a harmonious room, it is important not to mix various wood species or at least to select species whose colors remain in relation to each other.

Solid oak furniture: a unique piece

Several of our furniture collections are made with solid oak quality Rustic or Very Rustic, which gives them a high quality and can, by the natural characteristics of the oak, make it unique.

Indeed, certain natural peculiarities of the wooden planks used (knots, mesh, difference in grain from one plank to another, difference in color from one plank to another, etc.) will ultimately give a rendering different for each piece of furniture.

You should also know that these same natural peculiarities of oak will make your furniture not perfectly uniform: knots for example, will give darker “spots”, differences in grain will give different “designs” on the boards used, etc. . This is also part of the charm of solid oak furniture.

Some tips to know

Solid oak therefore has some peculiarities and the following tips will help you make the most of them.

First of all, when installing your furniture, it is important to make sure that the floor is straight. When this is not the case, consider placing wedges so that the furniture is as straight as possible. Then, never ever move the cabinet if it is full. It would damage it unnecessarily.

When the drawers of your storage units are sometimes difficult to open, over time, know that there is nothing wrong. Wood is a living material, it can be made to “move”. In this case, make sure to keep a relatively stable degree of hygrometry (humidity) in the room. And to fix this, it is enough to rub the slides with dry soap or wax, dive here for more information.

Also be aware that wood finishes are sensitive to light, so avoid exposing them excessively to it and protect the varnished surfaces of your furniture from high heat and humidity by using a trivet or coaster, assorted and colorful, it can be very pretty.

By following these tips, you will be able to enjoy your solid oak furniture for many, many years to come, because it is made to last.

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