OG Jamaican Blue Coffee

Just got back from the 1st Annual Organo Gold convention in Orlando, Fl and there were some great announcements made. These were history setting announcements- Hugh!

Organo Gold released a new version of there ganoderma coffee that is Not Instant – it is fresh brewed! Not only is it fresh brewed, it gets better – they have aligned Organo Gold as a partner with the best tasting coffee in the world! Jamaican Blue Mountain. Jamaican Blue Mountain has never partnered with anyone in its history – this is another first for Organo Gold. But it gets better, the new fresh brewed coffee also contains the most powerful herb in the purest organic forum – Ganoderma Spore Powder! No other company in the country can compete with OG spores in the world. It is by far the most potent ganoderma period.

The new OG fresh brewed coffee comes in boxes of ten packs each and beverage coasters also come in packages. Each packet will make 4 cups of coffee. The box is world class and is in the shape of a pyramid. Very nice!

If you already member of Organo Gold, you can order the convention special offer in your back office for a few short days. Don’t wait, it will not last long. If you are not a member, you can Join Organo Gold and place your order at the wholesale price.

Organo Gold is growing like crazy, having the best fresh brewed coffee with ganoderma spore powder in it is going to make it explode during 2011, get in now to take advantage of this great opportunity.

We are now open for business in United States, Canada, Jamaica, Peru, Germany, Grease, Mexico, Austria, Netherlands. United Kingdom will be opening within the next 90 days.

There were 1800 members in attendance in Orlando, Fl, next year the convention will be held in New Orleans with 8000 seats available. It will sell out, hope to see you soon there.

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