Online Dating Advice: 5 Keys To Finding the Right and Honest Man Online

While internet dating is a fantastic method to meet new people, it isn’t without its pitfalls. The truth is that people on the internet are no better or worse than other people — they’re all the same. Much more, there are a lot of weird and time-wasters more than good guys.

It isn’t easy to discover someone who is completely honest online. You can’t spend your time in a relationship worrying about whether the man is a liar, a cheater, a criminal, or married. It would be completely incapacitating, destroying the value of being in a relationship.

Evan Marc Katz, a dating coach expert, shares 5 keys on how to find an honest man online and why give online dating a chance.

Why Is It Hard To Find a Good and Honest Man on an Online Dating Site?

Users of dating sites have access to many women. In most cases, people tend to be honest if they are either lying or concealing information. Here are some reasons why it is difficult to find truthful guys online.

You have a “type” that you refuse to break from.

While there’s nothing wrong with having standards, declining to date the other person based on their height or music preferences could indicate that you’re overly picky. Setting your standard higher in online dating can certainly lead you to catch up with a dishonest man. If the guy wants you, he would certainly give details uncertain to the truth.

You still have emotional baggage.

Not everyone experienced healthy relationships, and that history can sometimes obstruct how that person moves ahead in finding a potential partner. Even the greatest of men can be kept in hiding for a long time by their luggage. You can’t move forward and find the right man if you’re not setting it aside.

You’re holding out for someone perfect in every aspect.

The truth is, there is such a thing as dating outside your league, and attempting to do so may result in you missing out on good men who would date you. Nobody is flawless, not even artists. And if you’re keeping unrealistic expectations in connecting online daters, you’re far from attracting the right man.

You’re afraid of a commitment.

It would be best if you level up your moves. If you don’t go out, how will you meet new people? Some people have had great luck finding wonderful men on apps, so don’t rule them out totally. Your best bet is to meet up with a nice guy in person, so go out and have a wonderful time. If you believe in online dating dynamics, it will give you a challenge.

5 Tips To Find the Right Man in Online Dating Apps

When seeking a long-term relationship, ignore what appears to be right and what you believe should be right, and instead ask yourself: Are you dating the right person online?

1. Choose the right dating site

Choosing an online dating app can have a significant impact on the type of men you meet. If you’re looking for anything serious, consider apps that help your relationships work. Do you want potential matches from your location or with the same language? You may match in the right app.

2. Be honest

I know you’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: Men appreciate it when a woman can be herself without trying too hard to satisfy or impress him. It’s the same thing as having personal growth. You can all tell if someone is genuine or not. Inauthenticity makes you feel uncomfortable and awkward, whereas authenticity makes you feel at ease.

3. Set boundaries

You struggle with setting and maintaining boundaries. Seriously. You’re afraid of being rejected, and you’re scared of leaving others, so you skip the “nos.” Setting boundaries demonstrates that you value yourself. It indicates that if a man wants to hang out with you, he must act like a gentleman.

4. Strengthen your connection

Keep in mind that first impressions aren’t always accurate, particularly when it comes to online dating. It takes time to get to know someone truly, and you must have had the opportunity to be with them in a variety of scenarios. For example, how well does this individual handle pressure when things don’t go as planned or when they’re exhausted, frustrated, or hungry?

5. Have fun

Do you believe that finding your soulmate online is a definite way to happiness? Or do you think you’re just as likely to meet someone you like through friends, social circle, or by chance? To get the most of your online dating experience, enjoy it. Keeping the fun may lead you to get the good man, of course, the one you wish for.

Why Give Online Dating a Try?

There appears to be something for everyone about internet dating—be honest about your expectations. Although apps might lead to superficiality and ghosting, they also provide a lot of advantages.

Spend time and energy figuring out who you are and what you truly want in a relationship. Accept new challenges, get insight into yourself, and meet your “the one” in such a case.

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