5 best business mobile plans in Singapore

We are said to be in a digital age today. Invariably, it is the growing dependency on digital technology that has resulted in this new age phenomenon. Smartphones and the internet have come around to be at the core of our existence. Why has the digital medium made so much of a difference in our lives? Because of the way it has drilled down through every stratum of the society. 

To a large extent, most of our lifestyle enhancement today can be attributed to the growing technology space in our lives. The transition of the common man has been phenomenal. There is no end to what has transpired from antenna-studded black and white television sets to the latest internet-enabled OLED TV sets, from fixed landlines to the most advanced smartphones that use facial recognition as a security feature and what can potentially happen in this gamut. 

Contextually, the online medium or internet or digitalization has been a bone for the human community. But, as is commonly said, ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’ The same is true for the digital or the virtual world too. So, while overall, the online world is an advantage, a few pain points can be addressed by individuals responsibly. You can recharge any prepaid number using recargas telcel.

Online mobile recharge – a boon or a bane

One of the first things that appeals to us about the virtual world is how easy and painless it has made us. Mostly, everyday tasks! Recharging a mobile used to be such a painful job, years back – when online recharge and bill payments were never heard of. The options back then were to either go to the local recharge seller’s shop or go to the brand store to carry out the recharge. 

Today, thankfully, the digital medium is here, and online recharge is a job that completes in a minute or so. As a BSNL subscriber, you have varied ways of gaining more information about BSNL recharge plans and recharging. What are the ways?

  1. Use the website or the app of the service provider, BSNL, in this case. 
  2. Alternatively, they can use the site or app of a third-party online reseller. 

The best part is that there are credible third-party resellers who can be trusted. You need to download the app of the third-party seller and use the app for recharging your BSNL mobile prepaid connection. Similarly, you can use the app for paying your mobile and landline phone bills, utility bills including electricity and water, and more. Not just this, the same app can be used for shopping online, booking movie tickets and airline tickets, and more such services. If the app company has a digital wallet, you can also use the app as your virtual wallet. From storing money to making online payments, taking loans, buying gold, investing in mutual funds and cryptocurrency, there are varied options that trusted resellers offer their customers. 

All in all, it means that a single app can be used to complete numerous tasks in our everyday lives. Not just that, the same app can be used for online recharge of any number of recharge plans from any service provider. If you are a BSNL subscriber, you can recharge your BSNL connection with the app. Simultaneously you can carry out a recharge of an Airtel number. This is a big convenience, recharging BSNL and Airtel online recharge from a single app. Thus, it is proven that online recharge is a boon, an advantage rather than a pain. 

However, it is important to use the digital medium with great care and responsibility to start gaining from it and make it work for you. 

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