Online protection of kids using FamiSafe Parental control app

Protection of kids is essential for any parent. The reason is that kids are innocent, and they can be deceived by evil-minded people easily. Many criminals are looking forward to getting kids online so that they can manipulate their mind and accomplish their criminal motives by these innocent minded kids. Parents are often worried about the security and safety of kids against kidnappers as the crime rate is increasing day by day. Criminals kidnap kids for the sake of getting ransom money from wealthy parents. When they are not successful in their attempt, they often kill a child. Hence it becomes essential that we ensure the safety of life of kids and use smartphones as a tool to combat any potential threats that might cause dangers to our kids. Parental control app with mobile location tracker features is the best option to protect the child online. Smart parents install FamiSafe parental control app secretly on their kid’s phone, which allows them to track the live location of kids and check their online activities from a remote device. FamiSafe app is available free of cost in the android play store as well as the apple store. Since FamiSafe application can work in a hidden or undetectable mode that is why many private detective agencies use it for spying on the suspect or criminals.

Let us know more about how FamiSafe provides online protection to kids.

  • Protection against Kidnappers: – The incident of kids kidnapping, child sexual abuse and kid’s pornography is increasing day by day. That is why parents are often worried about the safety of their kids. Smartphones are given to kids for education as well as communication to kids by their parents. Using FamiSafe app, parents can track the live location of kids using real-time GPS tracking system. This application provides accurate information and can be used to produce as a document of proof before the court of law.
  • Block illegal or inappropriate sites for kids: – Internet consists of good as well as bad sites. If there is no restriction on kid’s phone, they might come across porn sites, gambling or sports betting illegal sites. These sites are addictive and can spoil their innocent mind. Smart parents install FamiSafe app on their kid’s phone and block these illegal or inappropriate sites for kids from being accessed. The blocking or the sites is done from a remote device.
  • Monitor online activities of kids: – Kids make friends with an unknown person on social media quickly. Taking advantage of this, many criminals manipulate their mind and try to convince them to commit a crime. Parents can monitor the online activity of kids by checking their browsing history. They can also restrict the installation of time-consuming gaming apps that can hamper their study and performance in the exam. FamiSafe works in hidden mode on a kid’s phone that makes them invisible on kid’s mobile phone. They hardly notice any spying activity on their phone at all. However, parents can check their interactions or conversation on social media messaging app like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

FamiSafe is the mobile cell phone location tracker app that is efficient in locating any targeted device. This app has an excellent interface and is easy to use. The operations like tracking the live location of any device, checking incoming or outgoing text messages can easily be performed using this application. FamilyOrbit, a parental control app, can also locate your child on a real-time map. The app is easy to install and does not involve any complex procedures. It also has parental control features that enable parents to check their browsing histories and restrict or block those sites that are illegal or are inappropriate for kids. Drug selling apps, adult dating apps can be very dangerous for kids. They might commit cybercrime if there is no restriction on their phone. Kids are very naughty and careless at times. They might lose their mobile phones in a crowded area which becomes extremely difficult to find at times. In such a situation we can use FamiSafe mobile location tracker app to find the exact location of the lost phone.

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