Online trivia quiz games are fun and knowledge games. The contestants try to answer questions correctly. The most of people like to play trivia games because these games give all people a lot of fun and challenge our knowledge against our friends, family members.

There are a lof of web sites for playing trivia games.,,, are most known sites. But i prefer a new site for online quiz gaming, named This site offers online quiz competition in 7 categories. The categories are History, Geography, Literature, Movies, Music, Sports, and AllinOne. AllinOne is a mixed category of  6 other main categories. So, what is the biggest difference of from other best known and big quiz sites? The answer is easy. Real time multiplayer gaming makes different from others. After you complete registration and activation processes you will be the new member of Whoknowmore and will join trivia contests against others. There is no cost to sign up and play games.

In multiplayer mode, every category goes live once every 90 minutes. 12 questions are selected randomly from the database and asked all players one by one. Every player sees the same question at the same time and has to answer the question in 20 seconds. The Live score table shows your position during the challenge.

A player can play trivia games in single mode, too. The player can play twice a day in each category on single-player mode.

The scoring system is very interesting. A player will take 20 points + Time bonus points for each correct answer. The players who think faster and answer correctly will earn more points. No points are deducted on a wrong answer. If you use a lifeline ,you earn less or more points. That’s up to the lifeline which you used. So, what is a Lifeline? A lifeline is an aid for answering the question correctly or earning more points. The lifelines you can use during a game are:

+10s : Only used in Singleplayer mode.Adds 10 seconds to the timer.

+10p : Only used in Multiplayer mode.You earn 10 Points if you answer correct.

1/2    : Two incorrect answers are eliminated.

x2     : You can make two guesses on a question.

DP    : You earn Double Points if you answer correct.

DPN : You will earn Double Points on the next question if you answer correct.

After you have finished the game, you will see your ranking and score at result page.Every stats of a game will be recorded to the database. A member can check his/her  performance on Stats page.

If we look at stats, we can say that members’ favorite category is Geography. The members’ average correct answer score is 5.75 on Geography category. The hardest category is literature. The members’ average correct answer score is 3.74 on literature category. Really very bad, but not surprising.

Finally, if you love online trivia sites and want to win little prizes, would be your favourite site if you would try it.

Have Fun!

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