The past few months have certainly given a big nod toward why individuals should be taking their online security more seriously with ransomware attacks and other data breaches throughout the year that have left many concerned about where their details could be stolen from – with the rise of some betting sites not on gamstop and casinos along with other games accepting crypto, many are holding more personal wealth on these sorts of accounts that could be most at risk also – so how can you be sure to keep things protected, and which online security tips actually work?

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2FA is touted for a reason – Two-factor authentication has been regarded as one of the safest measures to keep yourself protected online, and it has done for a reason – having your data stolen particularly for usernames and passwords can definitely be stressful but having an added line of security that prevents the account from being compromised. Whilst the most common options are to use your phone as the second line of defence, email options are just as good if you’re able to be sure that account can’t be compromised too as it is often an area that can also be exploited if your account information ever gets out.

Password managers are great too – If your information is leaked, the last thing you want is to have multiple accounts tied to the same email and password and having different passwords has always been a great tip for ensuring online security and preventing your account from becoming compromised. Many password managers have a built-in password generation and storage tool, often where you can set your own parameters for length and how the password is built too – they’re certainly worth checking out if you haven’t done so yet and given there are some very strong free options too, it need not be something that breaks the bank.

Expanding knowledge and using common sense – It’s often said that the biggest protection against hackers and cyber criminals is always within common sense – not clicking links you shouldn’t or falling victim to phishing attempts, and just knowing what to look out for. Educating yourself on the common problems that become present, and the common ways individuals fall victim to the biggest hacks and scams can help you know what to look out for, but it’ll also help you employ common sense to know what to do in certain situations to either avoid or nullify attempts to breach your security.

These are just a few of the many tips out there, and it’s something constantly evolving as methods change – keep on top of everything and you’ll be less likely to become a victim, and you’ll be protected even if external sources impact your online security.

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