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Poland is probably not the first country you think of when someone mentions casino gambling, but it doesn’t change the fact that Polish casinos are extremely popular both offline and online. This large country in the middle of Europe turned gambling into a profitable business and we are here to prove that you should open yourself for Polskie casinos!

Poland embraces influences from the West and the East simultaneously, so you can quickly notice that it’s highly organized and extremely passionate, all at the same time. It is clearly visible in casinos as well. Wherever you go, you can see people being very engaged in conversations and activities. This is exactly what makes Poland incredibly interesting!

But this is the story about casinos, so let’s check out how you can gamble with Polish passion in casinos with no wagering requirements.

The basic characteristics of the country

Before we begin explaining the benefits of a Polskie casino, we want to introduce you to the basic characteristics of the country. Poland is one of the largest countries in Europe territory-wise and it has a population of over 38 million. The country’s capital is Warsaw, a genuine metropolis with nearly two billion residents. Besides Warsaw, major cities in Poland include Poznan, Gdansk, Krakow, and Wroclaw.

Poland used to be a part of the USSR until 1991 and it went through a rather difficult post-Soviet and post-industrialization era. However, it recovered relatively quickly to become the only economy in Europe to avoid a recession during the 2008-2009 global economic downturn. This also goes to show why Poland managed to develop such a strong gambling industry in the last three decades.

The history of gambling in Poland

As a member of the USSR, Poland prohibited casino gambling as a form of socially inappropriate behavior. When the country abandoned the union, the legislative framework that regulates gambling did not exist. This basically means that gambling and betting operated in the grey area, controlled mostly by shady businesspeople and criminals.

However, it all changed in the 21st century as Poland gradually evolved and became an EU member state in 2004. In the next few years, the country adopted all sorts of new laws, including the one related to casino gambling in 2010.

Although strict, the law finally regulated the gambling market and helped casino providers to find their way through the mess. It marked a brand new era of Polish gambling and boosted the casino industry all over the country.

Polish traditional casinos

Poland currently hosts nearly 20 traditional casinos. You can find them in Warsaw, of course, but there are also casinos in Poznan, Ladz, Krakow, Wroclaw, and Gdynia. Most of them are prestigious world-class gambling outlets, but there are a few smaller and more intimate casinos as well.

The Olympic Sunrise Casino is not only the largest casino in Poland but also one of the most important entertainment venues in the country’s capital. The casino is situated in Warsaw and it is proud of its collection containing hundreds of games. In case you love slots, you can enjoy over 100 different machines over there. The Olympic Sunrise Casino features more than 30 gaming tables, restaurants, a concert corner, and many more. All that fits perfectly into an area larger than 1,700 square meters.

Warsaw also hosts other famous gambling outlets such as Marriott Hotel and Casino. As you might expect from a high-class hospitality provider, the Marriott casino is reserved for its visitors and well-off clients. Besides that, other notable casinos in Poland include:

  • Casinos Poland at IBB Andersia Hotel Poznan
  • The Hotel Plock & Casino
  • Casinos Poland at Hotel Park Plaza Wroclaw
  • Neptune Orbis Hotel and Casino
  • Krakow at Dwor Kosciuszko Hotel

Online gambling in Poland

Modern gamblers who prefer no wagering casinos have a lot to look for in Poland! It doesn’t seem like that at first because the country has fierce online gambling rules, but you will soon learn that virtual casinos thrive in Poland as well. The only legit online casino in Poland is Total Casino and it is state-owned. Unfortunately, it only lets you play games in demo mode and you cannot subscribe to gamble to the fullest for real money.

But the story comes with a tweak!

It turns out that foreign casino operators are free to enter the Polish market and run online gambling platforms. This basically means that both the locals and international visitors can gamble on the Internet in Poland. Digital casinos offer all types of games like poker, roulette, slots, baccarat, and many more.

Additionally, they include online sports betting in the equation, thus making the portfolio a lot wider and more interesting. Polish online casinos also offer generous bonuses and perks to attract new subscribers. Some of the best Polskie casinos that have no wagering requirements are:

  • Fez Bet Casino, a platform known for massive tournaments and amazing customer support
  • Casino Euro, a reliable provider with almost two thousand games in its portfolio
  • Slot Wolf Casino, a place where you can earn a precious welcome bonus plus in-game perks
  • Bet Safe is recognized as one of the safest online gambling platforms in Poland
  • 7Bit Casino offers a staggering four thousand games with daily cashbacks and regular free spins and other bonus features

The Bottom Line

Poland is home to many land-based and online casinos, which makes it perfect for people who love gambling and visiting a beautiful country in the heart of Europe. In this post, we explored a few important topics:

  • The basic characteristics of the country
  • The history of gambling in Poland
  • Polish traditional casinos
  • Online gambling in Poland

We hope this is enough to convince you to give Polish casinos a try, but you should feel free to ask questions in the comments if you need more information – we would be glad to help you out!

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