The business world is rapidly changing due to the growing use of technology and the internet. As a result, companies are now facing potential legal repercussions for their actions. Recently, South32 has filed a class action lawsuit against for a whopping 100 billion dollars. The lawsuit is focused on alleged copyright infringement via the open upload feature on This article will provide an in-depth look at the case and its implications.

What is Open Upload?

Open upload is a process whereby users can upload content to a website without restriction or authorization. This type of upload can be used by businesses to collect user data, distribute content, and even host online events. However, it can also be used maliciously to upload copyrighted material or other malicious content.

A detailed note on open upload south32 suing 100 billion dollars class action lawsuit Flickr

In November 2020, South32, an Australian-based mining and metals company filed a class action lawsuit against BHP, an international mining and resources company, for $100 billion. The lawsuit alleges that BHP has acted negligently, engaging in a series of unlawful and anti-competitive practices that have caused significant losses to South32. The lawsuit claims BHP has been manipulating the market by engaging in activities such as withholding production and manipulating prices of key commodities. It also alleges that BHP has abused its dominant market position to hinder competition, resulting in higher prices and reduced access to markets for South32 and other competitors.

The lawsuit is expected to be one of the biggest legal battles in corporate history and will likely significantly impact the mining industry. South32’s lawsuit is the latest in a series of legal actions taken by the company in recent years against BHP, including a 2017 case in which South32 successfully sued BHP for $1.9 billion.

The decision to pursue the lawsuit is seen as a bold move by South32, given the size of BHP’s resources and the potential for significant legal costs. However, South32 believes that the actions of BHP have caused significant financial losses and is seeking to hold the company accountable for its actions. The case will likely take some time to resolve, and the outcome is uncertain. Regardless of the outcome, however, the case will likely set a precedent for how corporations must conduct their business in the future.

Consequences of open upload south32 suing 100 billion dollars class action lawsuit Flickr

The Consequences of Open Upload South32 Suing 100 Billion Dollars Class Action Lawsuit Flickr could be significant for both companies.

South32 is suing for a class action lawsuit for $100 billion, alleging that had allowed users to upload copyrighted material to its site without permission. This could have serious implications for, as they may be required to pay large amounts of damages. Furthermore, they may also face legal action from other copyright holders, who could sue them for similar violations.

Moreover, this lawsuit could also have a negative impact on’s reputation. If they are found guilty, it may lead to a negative perception of the company, which could ultimately affect its financial performance and stock price. Furthermore, this could lead to other companies being more cautious when dealing with, as they may be wary of potential legal issues.

Finally, this lawsuit could also set a precedent for other companies. If is found guilty, other companies may be more likely to take similar legal action against other websites allowing users to upload copyrighted material without permission. This could shift how companies handle copyright violations and ultimately lead to more stringent laws and regulations for digital content.

Measures to Avoid open upload south32 suing 100 billion dollars class action lawsuit Flickr

The following measures can be taken to reduce the risks associated with open uploads:

Implement Access Controls

Access controls should be implemented to ensure that only authorized users can access the files. Access can be restricted to specific IP addresses or user accounts.

Use Encryption

Encryption should be used to protect the files from being accessed by unauthorized users.

Monitor the System

The system should be monitored to detect any suspicious activity. The system should be shut down immediately if any suspicious activity is detected.

Use Secure File Sharing Services

Secure file-sharing services should be used to ensure that the files are securely transferred between users.

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The South32 and class action lawsuit is an ongoing cases that will continue to be watched closely. Although the exact outcome of this case is still unclear, it is clear that both companies are seeking significant damages and it could lead to a significant change in the way companies like conduct business. It is also clear that this case has the potential to have a major impact on the global economy, depending on the outcome. Regardless of the outcome, this case will certainly have a lasting effect on the way class action lawsuits are handled in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the South32 suing BHP class action lawsuit?

South32 is suing BHP in the Federal Court of Australia for 100 billion dollars in damages, alleging that BHP breached its obligations under the Corporations Act and engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct.

What is the basis for the lawsuit?

South32 claims that BHP engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct by making false and misleading statements about its coal reserves and production activities. They also allege that BHP failed to disclose material information to the market.

What is the timeline for the lawsuit?

The trial is expected to begin in the second half of 2021.

How has BHP responded to the lawsuit?

BHP has denied any wrongdoing and stated that it would vigorously defend the claims made against it.

What are the potential outcomes of the lawsuit?

If South32 is successful, BHP could be liable for up to 100 billion dollars in damages. If BHP is successful, the case could be dismissed.

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