Outdoor Homescapes Of Houston, Tx

Houstonians are gung-ho about the latest in “outdoor living.” The smallest improvement such as a small water feature, a new patio, or an addition, like a state-of-the-outdoor kitchen or built-in fireplace can change how we use and feel about our back yards.

After we visit, Outdoor Homescapes will build your own graphical tour with live blue prints that allows you to see your house and view how your new Homescape will look before construction starts!

This allows you to experience a movie-style walk through or over head fly-through in real time. Imagine standing at your new outdoor kitchen, watching your family and guests enjoying themselves at your new Homescape. Sit on your new patio extension and view your new landscape! This gives you a stunning, realistic representation of your ideas before you commit to a contractor, just a mouse click away!

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Outdoor Homescapes has designed and built hundreds of residential projects. We treat the Homescape as an extension of your home and view outdoors as rooms. Design direction is derived from three sources: the client’s needs and desires, the actual site, and the architectural style of the home.

Here are the steps we take to develop your own personal virtual tour, 2-D renderings, blueprint, and material list.

1) Initial Consultation:

Meet with client to understand client’s ideas, expectations, project plans, time frame and budget. 1-2 Hours With Client

2) Second Consultation:

Discuss each components location, size, texture & color with client. Components: front landscape, back landscape, deck, patio and fireplace (pit), outdoor kitchen, arbor and/or pergola, water feature(s) and/or pool, drainage, irrigation & lighting.

Review clients experience and new ideas after viewing Outdoor Homescapes private on line library and web links of kitchen plans, kitchen photos, natural stone samples, cultured stone samples, arbors, water features, fire pits, and landscapes. 3-4 Hours With Client

3) Development of Design

Graphical pictures: Exact rendering of your house with new Homescape components.

Blueprint to scale: Foundation & elevations completed by AIA architect. Customized space planning for outdoor living.

Material List: Quantities such as linear feet, square feet, yards are stated in line item form.

Quotation: Cost per component in line item form. 8-10 Hours In Office

4) Presentation of First Draft (within 14 days after second consultation)

Client views 2-D graphical renderings, blue print, material list, and quote

Client requests design changes. 1-2 Hours With Client

5) Fine Tuning of Design

Changes made per client request. 1-2 Hours In Office

6) Presentation of Final Draft (within 5 days after first draft)

Client views new 2-D renderings, blue print, material list, and quote. Discuss next steps and action items. 1-2 Hours With Client

7) HOA/Homeowners Association and/or City Representation

Complete Review Of Covenants & Restrictions. Submittal of All Documentation To HOA/ARC or City. 1-2 Hours In Office

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