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Portable Document Format (PDF) easily became an ideal file format for many people, especially business owners, professors, and even students. However, since it is tamper-proof, modifying, and editing a PDF would be impossible. What should you do if this happens? Change your PDF to an editable file format immediately!

For hundreds of PDF software on the internet, most of them are limited or require unnecessary charges. Nonetheless, this is not true for PDFBear; all the tools that you need are available for free. Also, this software is known as the fastest PDF converter on the internet. PDFBear, as the simplest tool, lets you convert easily in four steps.

How To Use PDFBear’s Converter Tool 

Handling a PDF file can sometimes be difficult, which is why PDF software is so important. More often than not, you will have to edit the contents of your PDF. With PDFs, the edit option is unavailable because of its tamper-proof design. But thankfully, PDFBear can convert PDF to Word files in a matter of four clicks. 

In turn, converting a file with PDFBear will not affect your own time and schedule. Think about having your converted file in one minute? That is something most people want. PDFBear makes sure that everyone can understand the process through these four steps:

  • Step 1. Choose a PDF document to upload to their server by clicking on the “Select Files” button and start browsing through your folders. Alternatively, you can also drag the file from your device to their website.  
  • Step 2. The tool will then automatically scan and extract the texts from the pages and start converting the file.
  • Step 3. Now, please wait for the conversion process to complete 
  • Step 4. Lastly, the tool will give you the nicely converted file ready for you to download and save 

High-Quality Results

Quality is the most important thing to secure next to security. PDFBear makes sure to give the best quality by keeping accurate and intact content. Some other PDF sites would compromise your file and end up deleting essential components and changing the format. 

Solid-Framework technology is a superior feature of PDFBear’s converter tool. PDFBear works to produce the best quality end-product with its smart technology, which people find very convenient. 

Most Secured Conversion

One reason to feel safe with PDFBear is that it prioritizes your security and privacy. Hence, one of the significant things you should look for in PDF software is to secure your files and privacy. Luckily with PDFBear, your files’ confidentiality is safe with the 256-Bit SSL Encryption. This advanced security system feature by PDFBear protects your file from unauthorized people.

On top of that, this technology protects your files from getting infected by malware and viruses. Surprisingly, PDFBear doubles your protection by using another technology that regularly monitors its server and deletes uploaded and downloaded files permanently one hour after the conversion process. This way, no files will keep lingering on their server. 

Compatibility And Accessibility 

Accessibility is always so important. That is why PDFBear has just made it all easy and convenient for any user to utilize devices with different operating systems. Now, whether you use Windows, Linux, Android, or even iOS, it is no longer a problem. Just remember to keep a functional device and a stable internet connection. 

Moreover, to use the tool, first, you go to PDFBear’s website through your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Therefore, you don’t need any more applications to install on your device. Further, making a process on PDFBear’s website does not have anything to do with your device’s space storage. 

User-Friendly Interface

PDFBear is 100% user-friendly. From its page design to its color motif and font style. Everything is made straightforward and understandable. Thus, it doesn’t require you to be an expert. What you need to process can be easily found and done in a few clicks—no need to worry about searching for many options since everything is pre-installed. 


PDF software is made mainly to elevate your productivity and not to increase your burden. A software like PDFBear is a perfect tool for you if you want a free, convenient, secured, and quality solution to all your PDF problems. 


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