PERSONALIZED WALL ART: Art and crafting are the best sources for showing up your creativity and skills. Art with unusual items gives a new look to the surroundings. Different illustrations and abstracts, as well as scratches, convey messages from the artist or the creator. There is always a purpose behind the creation of a piece of art or painting. Different layers and lines on the canvas with the combination of colors end up with fantastic creativity.

Reasons for personalized wall art

Art is what everyone likes in any form. There are multiple forms of art with unique designs and creations. It depends upon the user, which he selects according to his taste and trend. There may be a variety of reasons why to do personalized wall art. Some of them listed below:

  • Options for everyone
  • Budget is under your control
  • The more customizing will give a unique look
  • Give your personality a new shine

Personalized wall art preferred than the other one. It is the try of everyone to decorate his room or house walls with his chosen art. That’s why he looks for an experienced and expert artist. The customized or personalized wall art trend is increasing around the world. For all kind of personalized wall art you may get material from .

Ideas for personalized wall art

There are more than hundreds of ideas about decorating a wall with personalized wall art. Some of the best wall art ideas with a brief description given below:

  • Polaroid picture

The most natural wall art idea is polaroid picture art. There is a need for a few things as a material to complete this art. It is a simple idea but needs the artist’s complete focus: a sticky tape, scissors, a few of the best personal photos. Just paste the picture on the same sized colorful postcards and then wrap its corners. Put these all on appropriate distance on the wall you want to decor.

  • Passport inserted art

The most instantly prepared personalized wall art is passport inserted art. Under this idea, a few items needed. A few wood blocks, glue, pages of passport, and a few photographs. Glue the passport pages and then paste them on wood blocks for making frames. After doing so, paste the photographs on it.

  • Favorite song lyrics

A wall personalized art decoration can be with the favorite song lyrics too. The lyrics of the song doesn’t need to only be used for decorating the wall, but any quotation or words can write on the wall to make it beautiful. It is a trendy wall art decoration idea for the wall. There are two ways to do so. Both write directly on the wall with some colors or write these sone lyrics on a canvas and then hang this canvas to the wall.

  • Window frame

Yes, the window frame can give a better look to your bedroom wall. Window frames used wisely for displaying personal photographs with some sweet memories. This vintage personalized art will turn the look of your bedroom entirely.

  • Mementos

Wallpaper in the hallway walls gives an inspiring look. Instead of buying costly wallpapers to décor the wall, always prefer to add meaning to your wall, look with some creative ideas. Get the keepsakes framed and then put them sequences on the wall as wallpaper.

  • Hanging mirrors

Hanging mirrors on the walls could be the best and unique idea for best personalized wall art. Hang a beautiful mirror with a fantastic wooden or metallic frame. The interior designers mostly put the huge sized mirrors on the living room walls to give a brighter look. This will cost you nothing. You only need to place the giant mirror of your home to the living room. This giant-sized mirror will show up many small items placed ion the room. This will look like a complete and unique picture.


From the above description, we conclude that personalized art is the new trend for decorating rooms and house walls. There are more than hundreds of DIY ideas for personalized wall art. One can select any of them to do so. There are some of the methods which require too little cost and minimum preparation material for decorating a wall with art.

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