Popular sans serif fonts in 2022

Font is mostly used in web designing. Different font size made easier to distinguish the main points in the document set the mood, evoke emotions, and help form an opinion before you get to read the text. In this article, we’ll explain you that which fonts are best and how the smallest change in fonts can change the reader’s attitude towards the content.

Characteristics of fonts:

There are many fonts and all fonts have different features. Some features of fonts are described below that you should notice while selecting a right and modern font for your content.

  1. Font Weight

Font size is plays an important role in making your content attractive and unique. The main types of font weight are light, regular and bold. Regular font styles are neutral. This font is very comfortable and because of this feature regular weight is perfect for reading. Light and bold font styles are more expressive as compared to that of regular weight. Some font styles are discussed below:

Thin or light font styles:

Thin or light font styles are pleasant to look at as a linear drawing.

Semi-bold font styles:

This font style has unique shape and increase the value of text. Therefore they are used for empasis in text and logos.

Bold font styles:

This font style is mostly used for writing short phrases. They are difficult to read as compared to that of semi bold font styles.

  1. Font width:

Width of the font should also noticed whille selecting the font for your content. The weight of font can be recognized easily and it strongly affects the readability and visibility of the text or document. Regular width font styles are usually preferred for reading.

Sans serif fonts:

The first sans serif font “Caslon” was designed by “William Caslon IV” in 1816. At that time it was not  accepted nor popularized but after some time this font became popular and liked by many people. A sans serif font is basically any font that doesn’t have little dashes at the end of each letter. Some popular sans serif fonts in 2022 for logos are:

  • Helvetica ( it has tight spacing between the characters ).
  • Open Sans ( It was created by Steve Matteson in 2010. this sans serif font is mostly used ).
  • Futura
  • Public sans
  • Proxima Nova
  • Garet
  • Geonik pro
  • BR Cobane ( BR Cobane was designed by Christoph York and published by Brink in 2021 ).


Grotesque sans-serif font’s upper case letters are uniform in appearance. Franklin Gothic ( which have extra bold design ) is an example of a grotesque sans-serif font.

Proxima Nova:

Proxima Nova is a sans serif font. It looks beautiful throughout its weight range. Its weight range make it popular both for logo creators and for UX designers.


Neo-grotesque is a sans-serif font that provide simple and clear appearance. These fonts have fewer strokes. Arial is a Neo-grotesque font that has fewer strokes than standard serif font.

Why font licensing is important??

Font licensing is the act of granting permission to use a digital font in a specific way. So, when anyone buy license font he gets the permission to use it according to the rules mentioned in the font license. Some fonts are free but for using some fonts license id must. Many people don’t take font licensing serious. They don’t know that what will happen if they use fonts without license.

Mainly there are two types of user licenses:

1.Standard End-User License

2.Custom End-User License

What happen if you use license font without license??

If you use license font without license, nothing happens in common cases but if your product becomes famous, then you may get a cease and-desist letter from a lawyer, asking you to pay a large amount of money ( which may be more than that your product has earned in total ). To avoid all the problems, its better to buy font license.

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