Posture Chair - How it Works and Why It Is Important?  

Have back and neck pain become a part of your life? Do your job conditions require you to sit in front of the laptop for extensive time?

A posture chair can be worth giving a shot!

If you’re wondering what a posture chair is, why it is so important and how to buy a posture chair, we’re here to explain that to you.

Whether you’re working, studying, driving, watching a movie or sliding into your couch to read a book, comfort is the priority.

Backaches, shoulder stiffness or neck sprains can leave you distracted, unable to concentrate and give your 100% to work.

Fortunately, the science of ergonomics is discovering innovative solutions to alleviate postural aches and provide comfortable support to your spine. And one such innovation is back support for chair or posture chair offering adequate lumbar support.

What Are Postural Chairs?

The lumbar spine continues the vertebral framework of your lower back. The lumbar spine is encapsulated within 5 vertebrae- located between the diaphragm and sacrum.

The posture chair is an ergonomically designed lumbar support that offers a spine lifting system to protect and maintain the correct posture of your lumbar spine and vertebrae.

Your lower back is subjected to strain throughout the day. And with incorrect posture, the strain and pressure on your lumbar spine increases. Driving, sitting on a chair with an incorrect posture regularly over an extended period can gradually damage your spine and lead to postural aches and a high risk of injury.

With the lumbar support provided by the postural chair, the level of strain on your back gets limited, and you’ll feel comfortable and concentrate on whatever activity you engage in.

The portable posture chair can be used as ergonomic back support for chair, bed, couch or even your driving seat.

Typically, ergonomic posture chairs manufactured by renowned and qualified manufacturers use breathable, sweat-resistant and hygienic cushioning for optimal airflow and heat dissipation. ,

The posture chair designed by Backpainhelp is endured by top healthcare institutions like the London Spine Clinic.

How Does the Posture Chair Work?

In simple words, a posture chair supports the natural ergonomics of your lumbar spine. The posture chair uplifts the coccyx (tailbone) and pushes your lumbar spine to maintain the normal curvature of your spine.

This uniformly disperses the pressure exerted on your lumbar spine and joints. The air vents help maintain good airflow, thus preventing local temperature rise. The soft yet robust cushioning makes the entire sitting experience relaxing and comfortable.

With proper ergonomics, the risk of injury due to sudden jerks and impactful movements decreases.

What Should You Look For When You Buy a Posture Chair?

If you’re planning to buy a posture chair, ensure to check the following factors for optimal support:

  • Lightweight and portable design concept that is easy to carry anywhere and everywhere.
  • Easy to use. Most individuals stop using posture support because they find it challenging to use or need to depend on someone else for proper fitting.
  • Ergonomic design to support your spine and weight of at least 100-120 kgs. The posture chair by Backpainhelp can support upto 140kgs.
  • Designed with soft fabrics and sturdy foam padding to offer both support and comfort.
  • The ergonomic posture should support your spine and reduce the pressure on your lower back.
  • Ultimately, it should be available in various sizes. Everybody’s shape is different. An individual having a narrow pelvic structure won’t benefit from a wide back posture chair. Therefore, always check the sizes before you make the final purchase.

How To Use The Lumbar Back Support For A Chair?

Since the posture chair supports your lumbar region, positioning it near the lower back gives your spine the optimal support.

  • Position your portable posture chair support 10 cm-15 cm away from the backrest of your regular chair or couch.
  • While you sit, hold the posture chair with both hands to avoid misplacement. Once you’re seated, ensure your hip is positioned deep to the end of the back support.
  • The ergonomic support framework pushes the waist, uplifts your coccyx and corrects your stance.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Back Posture Chair?

  • Supports and promotes good posture- the design ergonomics complements the natural curvature of your spine. Therefore, it retracts your shoulders back, preventing slouching. The chair also prevents a Tech Neck — a condition that affects almost every sedentary worker. Learn more about Tech Neck dangers to know how to deal with it.
  • Instant improvement in your posture- you don’t need to wait for days to enjoy the correct posture. With back support for the chair, you can start experiencing results immediately. After consistent usage for 1-2 weeks of use, your natural stance will improve, you’ll feel taller, confident and healthier.
  • Enhance productivity- with backaches and muscle strains gone, you can comfortably focus on your work and give your best output.
  • Dissipates and reduces hip pressure- your hips bear the burden of your entire body. Ergonomically designed posture chair support helps to minimise hip pressure by offering suitable seat depth to support your hips.

Take care of your overall health and well-being with a posture support chair.

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