Premium Sports Car Owners Swear by Lexani Wheels

“Deluxe aftermarket rims superbly crafted to perfection with superior craftsmanship.”

This is what most people who love and own Lexani Wheels have to say without exception. This is one of the biggest brands of custom rim manufacturers which caters almost exclusively to high-end cars.

There are only a small number of major names in the stratosphere in which Lexani operates. While all of them are extremely competent and are household names, Lexani stands out for a few impressive reasons.

Yes, popular brands like KMC Wheels are also in the running, but they still have a long way to go.

Whether you own a Rolls Royce or a Maserati (2 names at opposite ends of the spectrum), you will certainly find a set of high-end Lexani custom rims guaranteed to raise the heat a bit more!

How did Lexani break make it so far?

Once we can understand that, it will become pretty obvious why they are the numero uno choice for Corvettes, Mercedes AMGs, Bentleys, and Dodge Challengers.


Lexani Wheels was founded in 1996 in California, and they are still based out of CA. Initially, the company manufactured passenger car rims and grilles.

It was Frank Hodges, the founder, who decided to focus exclusively on the luxury market and the company changed direction a while later.

To enter this particular niche, Lexani made some serious progress in its R&D and unveiled proprietary technology to that end. This was a new wheel design technique named ‘Extended Flange Technology’ or EFT; this was later patented by the group.

EFT ensures that bigger rims can work in tandem with tires that are comparatively smaller without any compromise on the quality of the ride, regardless of surface.

EFT was soon considered a boon for Lexani as sales figures started improving once it was gradually rolled out across their various ranges of stunning aftermarket rims.

The tech ensures that avant-garde & premium passenger cars can retain their existing tires even if bigger rims are used since the quiet & familiar comfort of the ride remains unsullied.

What makes these wheels remarkable?

This is where things get interesting. There are plenty of people who have a common question: how do Lexani’s models pip those of KMC Wheels?

Is the same query playing on your mind as well?

Here are some of the principal points that’ll provide you with more insight into the entire debate.

  1. Superior build quality: The most recent models that the company has launched are the ‘CSS-15 Heavy Duty’ range and the flow-formed rims collectively known as the ‘FF One Hyper’ family. These are on par with the best custom rims available in the United States, and they have 2 more advantages.

One, they are a lot lighter than similar models. Plus, they undergo much more rigorous quality tests. The result is a rim perfect for everyday use with better fuel savings.

  1. Unmatched craftsmanship: KMC Wheels are widely known for their extremely attractive models. But Lexani takes it a step further! Their concave sport rims are available in so many different finishes that clients are often confused over which one has a better style quotient!

From dazzling yellow and red tints to custom black and purple milling besides metallic colors, you have a lot of options to choose from.

  1. Customized satisfaction: Customization is the USP of brand Lexani Wheels. Regardless of the beauty you are currently driving, you can place an order with the manufacturer to create one set that will be unique and which will be made to order just for you!

It takes extra time for such orders, but the results are certainly worth the wait.

  1. Timeless designs: We recently spotted a Cadillac XT5 sporting a red & black tinted sports rim. It was spectacular and it is not the only model that looks good with these fantastic rims. Lexani released a photo of a Chevy Camaro sporting one of the latest models, the CSS-15.

It had yellow machined tips to match the Camaro’s iconic color. Another great example of what Lexani is capable of.

These designs are cutting-edge and engineered to perfection. No wonder most luxe car owners choose Lexani’s rims.

Lexani provides a ‘3D Pro Builder Mode’ on its official website. It uses AR to showcase how your vehicle would look with a certain set of rims. Try it out!

“Oh my! These wheels are so expensive!”

Indeed, Lexani’s products carry pretty high price tags. And while each of their models is worth every penny you spend on them, sometimes you will have to look for retail outlets which offer discount wheel and tire packages.

If you don’t find any such outlet near you, try visiting California’s AudioCityUSA, a 33-year-old retailer noted for their stock and their low-price guarantee.

Like several other established retailers, AudioCityUSA gives you a range of financing options to choose from. You can choose one of them and take home a set of the latest models from Fuel, KMC Wheels, Enkei, American Racing and so on.

Have a great time experimenting with custom-made rims!

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